How to Level Up Photography Skill in The Sims 4

While playing The Sims 4, you can have your Sims develop their photography skills. This ability works a little differently than others in the game; In total, there are only five levels of this skill, making it quite easy to become the best.

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In this guide, we’ll look at everything you need to know about photography skill. This will include how to actually increase your skill level, as well as any benefits you get from doing so. First, let’s take a look at how to level up the photography skill.

How to Level Up Photography Skill

Sims 4 camera options on phone

To level up your photography skill, Your Sim needs to take pictures. Fortunately, this is quite simple; all you need to do is Go to your phone’s camera menu and select an option to take photos.

To quickly level up the skill, we suggest simply taking a bunch of pictures. You should be able to level up in no time, especially if take several photos at once.

You will have the following options when taking a photo.

  • Take photo
  • Take photo of…
  • Take a photo with…
  • Take a selfie
  • Simstagram Mascot (only available with the Cats & Dogs expansion)

Buy a camera

Sims 4 camera purchase option in construction mode.

In addition to using a phone to take photos, you can also buy by room. There are several options to choose from, with the more expensive options giving you better zoom options and photo quality.

Below you can check out each camera option.



Digital camera barely better

85 simoleons

Appreciably average digital camera

670 simoleons

Crystal clear digital camera

2,015 simoleons

The highest quality photographs sell for more money.

What unlocks greater photography skill?

sims 4 sim taking a selfie outside

As mentioned above, there are Only five levels of photography skill. Also, level up the skill. it does not unlock any new interactions.

When you level up the skill, you will improve the quality of your photography and, in turn, Sell ​​photos for more money. With a Crystal Clear digital camera and photography skill at level five, you should be able to sell photographs for a good amount of money.

If your Sim take a photo while inspired, the photo is more likely to be Earringand sell it for even more money.

How to open a photography studio

Sims 4 photo studio showing the Sims inside talking.

With the Get To Work expansion, you will be able to open a retail store. From here, you can turn the store into a photo studio with the In a Flash Photo Studio object.

Here you can ‘Take care of photo studio’, as well as simply taking pictures of Sims while they are in the store. In general, this can be a A good way to earn a little money while putting your creativity to the test.

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