How to make your Internet go faster with these simple tricks

Many times we complain about the speed of our router. What you may not know is that with a few simple adjustments you can surf the internet much faster. And without having to do anything special. If you want to increase the speed of your Internet connection, take note of these simple tricks that we propose so that you can browse faster. Surely you will begin to notice the difference and you can take better advantage of all the bandwidth. Make your router 21st century and not a 56 kbps last century router.

Browsing the Internet faster is easy

First of all, we recommend that you pass me the place where the router is located. It may be boxed in the hole of a shelf, it is not a good idea to keep it there, since the signal will not reach it strongly. The router must be in a privileged positiona, without anything covering it above or on the sides. If necessary, change its location to improve the signal. Also, do not leave it placed near any electronic device that could alter the sending of the signal, such as a refrigerator, a television or any electronic device of considerable size.

A key factor to increase connection speed and that the signal reaches everywhere is the antenna placement. Although manufacturers always ensure that the signal is sent in all directions, this is not entirely true. If your router has two antennas, the most common, forget to have both pointing towards the ceiling, the position that best optimizes the sending and receiving of the signal is one pointing towards the ceiling and the other totally perpendicular, that is, that both form an angle of 90 °.

Most modern routers have two networks enabled – for your own Wi-Fi, one of them usually has the suffix 5 GHz. You can try to connect to that network, which is possibly optimized and works much better than the original one.

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How to make your Internet go faster with these simple tricks

On the other hand, it is very common for some computer-savvy neighbors to get hooked on our Wi-Fi, steal bandwidth and save significant money. The most recommended is to change the password of the router periodically. In the instruction manual of your router tell you how to do it. Don’t worry, it’s extremely simple and you’ll have it set up in just a few minutes.

Finally, whenever you have the opportunity to connect with your computer to the router by cable. You avoid interferenceThe signal arrives faster and there is virtually no latency. An RJ 45 network cable has a very cheap price on Amazon, and if you have the router near where you have the computer, you can try it out and you will notice how the connection improves a lot.

These simple recommendations can help you make the Internet go faster and you can browse at a speed much more in line with what you have contracted with your operator.

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