How to pin or pin a WhatsApp chat on Android

Pin your favorite chats to find them faster. It will only take you 1 minute.

How to pin or pin a WhatsApp chat on Android
Make your WhatsApp chats last: pin them to the top to always have them at hand

By pinning WhatsApp chats we can find them much faster. If there are people you talk to every day or care about more and you want to be able to access them much faster, theirs goes through pin or pin chatsso that you can have it more at hand.

This functionality is available in the WhatsApp app for Android. you can activate in 1 minuteSo let’s see how it’s done.

Pin a WhatsApp chat on Android

The moment you decide to anchor a chat on WhatsApp, you will see that it always comes to occupy the first positions, in such a way that if you receive more messages, they will be placed just below. If this is what you want to do for certain contacts, this is just the functionality you need. Also, you can set individual or group chats.

But be careful, because you can’t pin as many conversations as you want (it wouldn’t make sense to do so). The limit is in maximum 3 chats. So to fix a fourth chat you will have to remove one of the ones you have previously fixed.

If you are interested and want to get down to work, these are the Steps to follow to fix a WhatsApp chat on Android:

  • Enter the WhatsApp app
  • Go to the Chats tab
  • Select the chat to fix by means of a long press
  • Hit the pushpin icon to pin
  • And you already have it. Now all that remains is to follow these steps whenever you want set a new chat on WhatsApp.

    If the option does not appear, make sure that you are using the latest version of whatsapp. Every so often there are new features and it is important that you update so as not to be left behind and to be able to enjoy the new features offered by the messaging app. Remember to update only to the official versions that you will see in the Play Store.

    How to pin or pin a WhatsApp chat on Android

    Make a long press on the chat, after that you will see the option to pin it

    How to unpin a WhatsApp chat

    In the event that you want to remove one to fix another, it is very easy. These are the steps to follow to Unpin a WhatsApp chat on Android:

  • Enter WhatsApp
  • Go to the Chats tab
  • Select the chat to fix by means of a long press
  • Hit the crossed out pushpin icon to unpin the chat
  • Once you do, you will see that the conversation becomes unfixed, with which go back to your place. In other words, don’t worry because you don’t lose the chat or delete it, it simply drops positions as is logical.

    In addition, you can repeat these steps whenever you want to have fixed the chats that interest you the most. You can even hide them if you ever change your mind and decide you don’t want to see them.

    How to pin messages (not chats) in WhatsApp

    Apart from pinning and unpinning contact chats, you may also be interested in pinning some messages. This is also known as featured posts. It is another trick available for WhatsApp that allows you to save certain messages to read later.

    To do this, just follow these Steps:

  • Enter a WhatsApp chat
  • Touch and hold one or more messages
  • Once selected, touch the star that you will see at the top
  • By doing this, the messages will be saved successfully and you can see them at any time. Also delete them when you no longer need them, so you only have the real highlights and the functionality is useful to you.

    whatsapp featured messages

    The mechanics for highlighting messages is identical: long press and that’s it

    To access those messages for your readingjust do this:

  • In WhatsApp click on the 3 dots
  • Enter “Featured Posts”
  • Check the messages
  • You can delete messages that you no longer want to pin with a long press. Then you give the crossed out star and that’s it, they will automatically disappear from the list.

    What type of chats or messages to set in WhatsApp

    This is a bit of a thing for everyone. The most common thing is to set the people with whom you talk the most and want to have more at hand. For example, you can fix your partner, your boss or your mother. Everything will depend on the way you use WhatsApp and with whom you communicate.

    As for the messages, they are normally posted important things to read later. For example, an address where you have met, a job correction, etc. But you can pin and unpin whatever you want until you master it, no one will know if your chat or message is pinned!

    If you want to try it, remember that this feature is available WhatsApp official appwithout the need to use APK.

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