How to prepare body and mind for the arrival of autumn

Our body will work harder to adapt to the new circumstances. For example, the alteration of circadian rhythm and the decrease in serotonin (one of the hormones of happiness), the cold and the proliferation of viruses, etc. A healthy life style It is very important to help our body cope with all these changes. prepare your body and your mind help you.

5 keys to prepare your body and mind for the fall

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Rest It is key for our body and our defenses to recover. Y sleep 7-8 hours it is part of that rest. Keep in mind that in October the traditional Time change. The night of Saturday 29 to Sunday 30 October 2022 at 03:00 will be 02:00. Our sleep will be disturbed for a few days (approximately a week) and we will we will feel more tired. If you can, try to get used to the new schedule with time, in this way your wellness don’t be so resentful.

do exercise

Moderate exercise helps you avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Moderate exercise helps you avoid a sedentary lifestyle.@courthneyadamo

Have a physical activity regular and moderate helps to strengthen the body and activate our defenses. In summer, with good weather, we get active more easily – we go outside, we are fresh air, etc.- but, with the fall, the return to routine and fewer hours of sunshine, sedentary lifestyle increases. Foresee in your day the practice of exercise. according to the AESAN Scientific Committeebetween 150 and 300 minutes of aerobic activity moderately per week (fast walking, cycling, light dancing…) or the equivalent in vigorous activity (climbing stairs fast, running at a fast pace, swimming…), reducing the time to between 75 and 150 minutes.

Hydration is key to cleaning the body.

Hydration is key to cleaning the body.@sulstories

With the arrival of the cold we have less need to hydrate but our body still needs water. Drink at least 1.5 liters a day as good hydration is essential for remove toxins and fight viruses. you can do it in fruit juices, infusions, etc. It is a way to combine hydration with the consumption of vitamins and minerals that strengthen your body. immune system.

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