How to recover an iPhone that has been “frozen”

Technology is not infallible and therefore our mobiles can staystuck in a process or as it is also known as frozen. If your iPhone does not respond you can follow these tips to get it back to normal

How to fix a frozen iphone

It is not something common, but it can happen that in the middle of a process or when we start it that it does not react and he freezes in an instant. This generally happens because one of the files or processes has a problem or fails and this causes the screen to not react or work intermittently. This it’s a completely different problem than a stuck and looping iPhone It has boot problems, so you have to find a solution. This also means that the physical buttons do not work and that their location is not correct. To solve this problem, standard troubleshooting methods may not solve it, but don’t worry, there are other alternatives.

iPhone 14 SOS system

iPhone 14 SOS system | Manzana

The failure can be caused by one of the applications of which we are using at that moment, so we found the solution in the forced restart of the apps.

  • Depending on the model of our iPhone we must choose swipe the screen from the bottom edge, stopping halfway down the screenthen swipe up to close it on models with Face ID.
  • EITHER double press home button to display the app switcher and swipe up to close apps on models with a home button.
  • Once we have located the app causing the problem, we must uninstall and reinstall the app again so that from then on it works correctly.

If an app was not causing the problem, we can also force restart device for it We will press all the buttons on the side at the same time, both the sound and the power buttons and once the sliding button appears we move it to turn off the device.

  • Once the iPhone has restarted again we will proceed to turn it off completely and turn it back on.
  • If it still doesn’t work and is still stuck, it’s best to let the battery run down completely. And once the battery runs out and with the iPhone turned off, wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it in.

Finally, if the result is not as expected, we have a last option which is to enter recovery mode. Which allows us to restore the device to a previous backup. for what we will have to connect our device to the computer and do it with the help of iTunes. This will only be possible if we previously have this option activated. Although if we have exhausted all these alternatives, we can only go to Apple technical service in order for them to help us solve this situation.

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