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Our Comprehensive Health Advisor, Charo Ortiz, shares with us another of the new trends in the area of ​​health and well-being for this 2023.

So this is the time for you to grab your notebook and pencil to take notes.

How are you. It is a pleasure to be with you again. And well, last week we talked about one of the health and wellness trends for 2023, which is the spiritual being.

They will tell me on FB how it went or how they are doing with it. But today, we are going to talk about another trend for this year… take note.

Is about…

Exercise recovery, yes, I hear you correctly, I didn’t say exercise, but exercise recovery, which is almost how to say, rest from exercise.

And you will wonder, why and for what?

Well, this means that this year we can expect an explosion in the promotion of spas, massages, saunas, cold water baths and other alternatives to help the body recover after exercising. Although it is also a good alternative to reduce stress, of course.

Not all of us have the chance to go to a gym or a spa, of course, but we can take some time to recover, either by putting our feet in hot salt water, or having a shoulder massage, or even doing stretching exercises. that can help us promote relaxation.

And why is it important to dedicate exercise recovery time? Good because obviously the body requires rest as well as movement. And this also applies to people who have hard physical work, how in the field or construction, for example. After long days of work, it is highly recommended to take time to de-stress the body by doing stretching exercises so that the body does not lose strength, has greater flexibility and even avoids injuries when you are working.

And my question for you at home is… and how do you recover after doing an exercise routine or after working hard all week?

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Charoh Ortiz

Health Coach & Coach of Coaches

Health Advisor and Coach of Coaches


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