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The return of spring has also triggered the spring allergy that many people suffer from, but let’s see some tips to reduce the symptoms.

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While most people eagerly await the arrival of spring for its colors, for the heat, for the long sunny days, for many other people this is not the case. In fact, the summer for them means melancholy, intestinal irregularity and above all thespring allergy. The latter is a real burden that does not give peace.

More than 10 million Italians suffer from this condition. With the arrival of the flowers, of the colors, of the heat, they begin to sneeze, to have an itchy and runny nose all the time. Congestion arrives, asthma, all conditions that do not allow you to carry out regular daily activities. All this is triggered by pollen from flowers, trees and grasses.

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Of course, in these cases of asthma, allergic rhinitis, hay fever it is necessary to consult a doctor and an allergy specialist. Experts will be able to give you the right medications and directions to combat this very annoying condition. However, we see below the advice of some experts.

Spring allergy: how to reduce symptoms

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When an expert introduces a person who lists all the symptoms of seasonal allergy, they usually follow a certain type of path. Then he will give directions and practical advice to the person in question. These are:

  • Find out what you are allergic to in detail: there are many different types of allergies and the symptoms of allergy can also be confused with congestion due to the temperature difference that occurs between the inside and the outside, between the morning and the afternoon;
  • Mow the grass at regular intervals: so that in spring it is not high and does not produce a lot of pollen;
  • Use the vacuum cleaner before and after airing the house: in truth it would be more correct to avoid opening the windows in the most critical period;
  • Doing regular housekeeping: dust and pollen are hiding everywhere, also brought by those who go out and enter all the time;
  • Take off shoes and change clothes: doing it when you go home is very important to reduce symptoms;
  • Take a shower before going to sleep: in this way pollen and dust will be completely eliminated from the body, from the hair for example;

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  • Don’t go out when it’s windy: the wind carries pollen everywhere;
  • Go out after the rain: the wet keeps the pollen on the ground giving you a little break;
  • Do rinses and gargles: Salt water is ideal for the nose and throat to reduce inflammation.

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