How to Survive the Euros Without Scoring: Ask France

France He is already in the room without handing over his resistance manual. This must be the only team in football history to reach the quarter-finals of the European Cup without scoring a single goal in the game. Vertonghen This time he scored his goal, confirming the historical fatalism of this team against its French neighbor. There is a route for those Deschamps: another own goal Austria, one penalty from Mbappe against Poland plus this afternoon. Deschamps’ men had 19 shots on goal in the match against Belgium and only one on target.

France – Belgium 1:0: results and goals | European Cup (1/8 finals)

As far as I know, it will always have to be said that unless France improves its aim, it will not be able to get very far. Although there is another way to look at the bottle: if you play like this, then you are already in the quarterfinals, and you will have to see where you can go if you sharpen your accuracy. The feeling is that either he puts it Mbappe, that he has several of them, or no one connects him. Belgium, For his part, he didn’t play to lose, and he had some opportunities to break his spell at Les Bleus, but that’s not the reality it used to be.

Belgium suffered a tragic fate, as always happens with France. He died on the shore, as his neighbor almost always does. Because the black legend of the Belgians against Les Bleus is confirmed as they have always lost in all major competitions: the 1938 World Cup, the 1984 European Championship, the 1986 World Cup, the 2018 World Cup and in this edition. European, not forgetting the Nations League, in the semi-finals in 2021.

Rabiot is the first free footballer to play for France.

By July 1, it could already be said that Mbappe played against Belgium as a Real Madrid player, but this fact must be pointed out to Rabiot, who became the first French footballer to play without a team for his national team. It is true that his contract with Juventus has ended and he is now free and will have to choose his destiny. Rabiot does not rule out continuing his career at Juventus, but we already know that he has a mother who manages a lot and who will look for a better contract for her son.

What De Bruyne will have to endure

A footballer used to rubbing the ball until he puts players like De Bruyne to sleep, to attack and attack, to suppress City possession, seeing him almost between the centre-backs with his whole block behind him, as was seen in a good part of the game, to switch from one side to the other, it must be difficult. He came to the penalty area only for the Belgians to counter-attack, but the Red Devils put almost four men forward and De Bruyne as a centre-back, accompanied by Onana. In the second half they freed themselves up a little more with the arrival of another midfielder, Mangala, in Openda’s team.

Tchuameni just missed a goal

He arrived surrounded by doubts after recovering from injury, but against Belgium he was France’s best alongside fellow Real Madrid player Kylian Mbappe and Barca’s Kounde. He scored a goal, especially thanks to his teammate’s good play in the first half. He stole balls, commanded from his position and played long passes as if he were Kroos. Replacing the German is difficult, but the former Monaco player came closest this afternoon. In any case, it’s nice for Real Madrid fans to see him like this.

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