how to unlock the New Game Plus and how it works

Elden Ring is a huge game, possibly the largest ever made by From Software. The large amount of content present promises to take players for more than 30 hours just to complete the main story of Elden Ring, destined to increase considerably if you aim to finish it at 100%.

To achieve this last goal and steal all the secrets of the world forged in collaboration with George RR Martin however, it will be necessary perform more than one run through the lands ofInterregnumas stated in an interview by the same Hidetaka Miyazaki. In this sense, the mechanics of the New Game Plus.

Elden Ring: how the New Game Plus works

After completing the main story of Elden Ring for the first time and reaching the credits, you will unlock the ability to start a new game by activating the New Game Plus mode. This way you will start the game over while keeping it though unchanged all yours equipmentyour ability and the runes that you had accumulated at the time of the end of the first game, without therefore having to start from scratch with a basic character.

To counterbalance these very useful advantages, in New Game Plus mode enemies and bosses will be much more resilient and will deal more damage than usual, but will also grant more runes after being killed.

While playing in New Game Plus mode you will have the option to make different narrative choices from those made in the first run, in order to discover all the consequences foreseen by the developers and have an even clearer picture of the whole plot of Elden Ring, as well as being able to obtain weapons and equipment otherwise not available during the first game and to unlock new interactions with some characters.

New Game Plus 2 and later

If you complete the main adventure also in New Game + mode, you can then start another new game, called in this case New Game +2, in which the enemies will become even stronger and you will be able to carry all the progress of your run into NG +. This system works cyclically up to NG + 7after which you can still start new games later by taking your inventory with you, but the enemies will stop getting stronger and more resilient.

Whether you are still grappling with your first match in the game, or have already dedicated yourself to a run in New Game Plus mode, you may have missed some of the hidden gameplay mechanics of Elden Ring.

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