How to wear white pants on trend for Fall-Winter 2023

white pants They grace the fall scene with unmatched beauty and versatility. While some may think that ‘wearing white’ is a risk only the brave are willing to take, the truth is that classic outfits in bright colors have their own flare, which can help turn any situation into an event to remember. is capable. They practically act as a canvas waiting to be adorned with the clothing of the season (according to your own style code).

Good news for those of you who like to dress effortlessly, because the best white pants for women will have you looking different every day of the week. They can be sophisticated and masculine, adopting a sporty aesthetic by combining them with Tennis And sweatshirtsor even look totally trendy with high boots and Coat elegant. Whether in the office or out on the town, they often find a way to fit perfectly into any context.

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However, we can’t deny that they require a certain level of skill and taste to stay flawless 24/7. Fortunately, you are not alone in this mission, the people who know the most about fashion will guide you in mastering the latest trends and looking impressive from the catwalk. Street style Learn how to join the trend of the moment with guaranteed winnings.

How to wear white pants autumn-winter 2023

White high-waisted pants and wedge-heeled sandals

Alessandro Lucioni /

Ferragamo Fall-Winter 2023.

Ferragamo confirms in its autumn-winter 2023 collection that you do not need to be an expert to combine white pants in style. It’s just a matter of pairing them with a monochrome style short top tight and wedge heel sandals In tune, a nod to the minimalist fashion aesthetic that will continue to grow for the rest of the year. Therefore, it would be better to consider classic designs high waisted One that matches with everything and adds a sophisticated touch in a natural way.

Flared trousers with matching oversized blazer

Filippo Fiore /

Michael Kors Fall-Winter 2023.

Michael Kors sure knows how to empower a modern woman and showcase power through a couture ensemble that you just can’t take your eyes off of. This time, the heroes are not high-priced shoes, but white pants With a slight fit and a discreet bell that will make you look like a supermodel from the catwalk. The firm paired them with an oversize blazer with wide lapels and pronounced shoulders, so classy it’s even too perfect bianca jagger Will definitely be accepted.

With the shape of a balloon in pearl white and fishnet shoes

Courtesy Alaia /

Alaia Fall-Winter 2023.

Ready to be surprised? Because white pants They are full of beauty and above all innovation. Alaya enthralled her fashion shows this season by flaunting a pearl white design with a rounded silhouette that flatters the figure in an extraordinary way. Basically, they’re a better alternative to those ‘balloon pants’ of the 80s, only now they’ll be worn handily in a minimalist key. blouse high neck and fishnet shoesThe only thing you need to be well dressed, but with a unique touch.

white sequin pants and heels

Isidore Montag /

Chanel Fall-Winter 2023.

Ferragamo and Age Factory are some of the fashion houses that include shiny pants On the catwalk of last season. a trend that struggles to enter the closet best outfit And, perhaps, Chanel will achieve this with white sequin and camellia print pieces that will make autumn sigh. In the pure style of the ‘French girl’ she impeccably embodied blazers tweed, sequin blouse And wide heel ankle boots (with distinctive flower of all Home, A black and white dress is ideal for being the queen of the night at an important event.

Classic With Tri-Toe Nude Ankle Boots

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images.

Classic white pants with nude ankle boots, the perfect combination for Fall-Winter 2023.

On the other end, Street style proposes to adopt a style spontaneously and give it a modern twist white pants Classics. the main thing is to carry them along xl coat, sweatshirts sports and heeled ankle boots Don’t be afraid to mix pointy-toed, athleisure pieces with sophisticated clothing. That way, you’ll look different in different scenarios without much planning and with a sure win.

wide white pants with sneakers

Edward Berthelot

Wide leg pants go great with sports shoes, a street style term.

in autumn-winter 2023 bell bottoms They will be your best ally to wear in bright colors normcore tennis In a beautiful key. choose chunky sneakers according to star apparel And complete the look with a knit sweater in vibrant colors that provide a fun contrast. Ideal for looking fabulous and breaking out of the conventional, which celebrities just don’t like Emily Ratajkowski And hailey bieber They have leaned towards the same formula.

straight with Nomacor loafers

Hannah Lassen.

White pants and street style loafers Fall-Winter 2023 in tailored dresses.

Without a doubt, the best way to look fabulous straight pants in white color it will when teamed with a tailored blazer and made business suit accurate. An excellent choice to reflect elegance in a work environment, important meeting or a special date, fashion experts recommend this heel complete the look with a pair of high heels and normcore loafers, Styling tip for adding a masculine touch that will instantly set you apart.

Flowy white pants with matching pumps

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.

White pants with pumps is the ideal pairing for those who are most fashion conscious.

At the end, flowy pants The optical white color will make you stand out from the crowd without much effort. Now is the time to take advantage of her cozy autumn look and show her off in a monocolor outfit made up of a high-necked blouse. pump shoes In tune. to further highlight xl trench coat In electric blue they’ll give you the needed dose of color to look fabulous from head to toe.

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