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Did you know that you can write a text without using the keyboard? Continue reading and find out how to configure this function.

Microsoft Word It is the best known word processor on the planet, it is used by more than 1.2 billion users, since its launch (1989) the software has been developed potentially including multiple functions. Nowadays it is very common for companies or students to use this product to make complex or basic documents of a personal and professional nature.

The word processor is compatible with many programs, such as Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Linuxx, etc. Because of its flexibility, users choose to purchase this product either for free or through subscriptions. Also, if you don’t have enough space available to download it, you can use it online and integrate the same functions.

As its name indicates, it consists of processing a text; that is, create, write, manipulate and correct, to achieve this goal a physical keyboard is commonly used, either wired or wireless, in the case of tablets or cell phones the digital keyboard is used.

Over time the physical keyboard has wear and tear that causes letters to be erased or the keys to become too loose, as a result writing becomes an arduous task. Nevertheless, Microsoft Word has thought of all the inconveniences that may arise during the process, therefore, it has recently included a new tool that can help you write documents more easily and with quality results.

What is voice dictation in Microsoft Word?

In cases where it is required to write a very long text, the tool “voice dictation” It will be very useful, it is also easy to use since the keyboard is not used, in this sense it becomes a practical functionality for users who have vision problems.

It basically consists of activating the function, clicking on the text and then speaking what you want to add to the document. Later on, it will be detailed how to activate the tool as well as the most frequent commands (keyboard shortcuts). This tool also detects grammar and spelling problems.


  • Windows 10 computer
  • be connected to the internet
  • Gmail email linked to Word
  • microphone activated


The process for the voice tool to appear in the toolbar is detailed below, implement the following steps and later you can use it just by clicking on the icon.

  1. Go to the ribbon and expand «ARCHIVE«
  2. Scroll to «Options» and select it
  3. A word panel will be displayed. From the list on the left side, select the option «Customize Ribbon»
  4. From the drop-down list «Most used commands» choose option “all tabs”
  5. Finally, in the section “main tabs” Choose “start” and add the option of “voice”, to do so, click on the button “add” located on the right side.

Now, if you find it difficult to follow these steps, combine the keys Home + H

How to activate the most frequent commands?

To activate each command you must speak the keyword, which are practically “open and close” accompanied by the symbol or sign that you want to add. Some are mentioned below:

Say “open parentheses” at the end it should say “close parentheses”
Say “open quotes” at the end of the sentence say “close quotes”
Say “open exclamation” later say “close exclamation”

There are exceptions, such as:

Say “New line”: space between lines

On the other hand, some characters are only mentioned by name, say “dot”, “comma”, “asterisk”, “percentage symbol”, “underscore”, etc.

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