How was the PIR 23 exam? “Difficult” and focused on Medicine

“They have gone to catch, like every year.” This is the majority feeling among the candidates for the PIR 2023who have left the exam this Saturday disappointed by the contents of a test that “has returned to escaping from the psychology syllabus” to focus on the medical field.

As soon as the exam was completed, candidates for the specialization in Psychology attested to the “difficulty” of it and the general “anger” among the student body. Mainly, due to the weight that “issues that are off the agenda”, many of them linked to Medicine.

“I considered that I was very well prepared and I felt that he was examining me for something else”, he lamented, in statements to Medical Writing, one of the young women who have faced the test. This candidate assures that there is a “general feeling”, even among those who had several calls behind them, that the exam has been “an injustice”.

“Year after year we suffer from this situation of defenselessness”, emphasizes the opposition, who details that, “as every year”, “many questions of medical content”.

“This year they asked us about porphyria and biological markers of anorexia. It seems to me that, having established manuals and that there are people who have had to learn four or five new ones, their representation has been minimal”, he pointed out.

Along these lines, another applicant points out that “since last year there has been a lot of questions about sexual dysfunctions, neurocognitive disorders and gender dysphoria”. On this occasion, the new ICD-11 of the World Health Organization has also ‘fallen’, as well as “treatments and therapies that date back to 1993”. “This is not the usual agenda,” he says.
“There have been questions that are impossible to answer. We had no material”sentence.

The truth is that the sensations of this PIR 2023 have been similar to those expressed by the candidates of past calls. “It has become a shocking event for all opposing psychologists. There is a forced and artificial effort by the Ministry to complicate and add difficulty to a test that is already by definition incomprehensible,” former opponents highlighted.

More than 4,000 candidates for the PIR 2023

Psychology is precisely one of the disciplines with the most difficult access to this call for Specialized Health Training (FSE). On this occasion, the Ministry of Health offered 204 seatsfor which 4,073 people opposed.

As a whole, the offer of the process of Specialized Health Training (FSE) by 2023 it is made up of 11,171 places, which represents an increase of 5 percent compared to the previous call and 38 percent if the 2018 call is taken as a reference.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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