How was the Scorpion Unit to which the agents who gave the brutal beating of Tire Nichols belonged and who are now accused of murder

  • Chelsea Bailey and George Wright
  • BBCNews

Moment in which Tire Nichols is hit on the ground.

image source, Reuters

The Memphis Police (United States) has dissolved its Scorpion special group, whose officers are accused of murdering a black man during a routine procedure.

The unit, whose mission was to combat street crime and restore peace and quiet to neighborhoods with high crime rates, was made up of fifty agents.

However, it has been disbanded after five of its officers were recorded on January 7 beating Tire Nichols, a 29-year-old man, who died days later in a hospital.

“The best thing for everyone is to permanently disable” the driveannounced the authorities of the southern US city in a statement.

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