How will be your performance in love and friendship as per your zodiac sign

In Colombia, date of Love and friendship will be celebrated on September 16, and many people are wondering how to find the ideal relationship with another person according to their zodiac sign, Well, having a romantic relationship in which we feel comfortable and loved is usually one of our goals.

According to a study conducted by ‘dating’ application Adopta Un Teo, based on Seven years of experience and over 300,000 cases, it has revealed which signs relate best during this holiday and here we tell you so you know which sign This is ideal for your partner.

For Aries and Libra, the most compatible marriage in the horoscope, this date is perfect, because according to studies, they interact with each other 20% more than other zodiac signs. Aries’ determination and Libra’s stability make them an excellent pair in both love and friendship.

How is the condition of Taurus people on the day of love and friendship?

It’s surprising, People of Taurus zodiac sign are most popular during this date. Taurus men are most active on dating platforms, reports show And her tenacity attracts other girls of the same zodiac sign. Moreover, both in love and friendship, Taurus understand and think about each other in very similar ways.

For a Gemini man, a relationship with a Virgo woman can be complicated, but she loves a challenge. There is a 28% chance that a Gemini man will talk to someone of this zodiac sign. However, this relationship is generally limited to the sexual sphere. In terms of friendship, Aquarius is best suited for Gemini.

Cancer women feel a special attraction towards Taurus men, who agree 37% more than other zodiac signs. Although this relationship requires effort, it can work. On the other hand, in the field of friendship, the couples formed between Cancer and Pisces are ideal, as they fill each other with their drama and imagination.

Leos like to interact with people of the same zodiac sign

Leo is a classic sign of egoistic nature, he finds his ideal partner in a flirtatious person like Leo. According to study, Leos have 5% more priorities By couples born under that constellation. The dynamic and attentive couple like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott will be the center of attention wherever they go.

Virgos are more likely to find success with Capricorns, as they share similar work and personality characteristics. They can also have an exciting relationship with an Aries, which will take them out of their comfort zone. When it comes to friendship, Taurus people are their best allies, as they both have a practical and realistic approach towards things.

Libras are 20% more likely to establish romantic relationships with Capricorns, and when it comes to sexual relationships this percentage increases to approximately 47%. However, Capricorn’s stubbornness in this celebration may be uncomfortable for any Libra.

Finding compatibility in both love and friendship can be a challenge for Scorpios. They do not trust others easily and tend to isolate themselves in their own home. However, they are 5% more likely to get along with a Taurus.

Sagittarius people do not behave very well with Gemini and Aquarius people.

Sagittarius, who is always positive, engages in conversations with Capricorns more often, as Capricorns are very clear in their thoughts. And expressions. They should avoid forming relationships with fickle zodiac signs like Gemini and Aquarius. They may use the phrase “Only Capri people” on their social media profiles.

Capricorn and Cancer have a lot of fun on this special date, as they are the perfect example of opposites attracting. According to application studies, they interact 10% more than the rest of the signals.

Finally, Taurus and Aquarius, two zodiac signs that seem very different, make a unique pair. Despite the apparent lack of compatibility, studies show that they are 30% more likely to connect with each other.

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