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The Rooster symbolizes the sun and luck in it Chinese horoscope and this year will live a little instability in their life.

According to the book Chinese Horoscope 2023 by Pedro Engelthis animal will be under the energy of the Archangel Faithsince it will be necessary to go through all the adversities that this new year brings.

“No matter how many problems or vicissitudes there are, he will keep his faith intact.” The Arcangelina Fe will maintain victory in the soul of the Roosters. Some famous ones are: Matthew McConaughey, Chris Evans, Meghan Markle and Ariana Grande.

What kind of Rooster are you?

Earth Rooster (from 01/22/1909 to 02/09/1910 and from 02/17/1969 to 02/05/1970)

  • Thorough, cautious and direct

With the reign of the Water Rabbit, the earth rooster will change your concentration and realism, to sdream a little and enter emotional terrain to reach new possibilities.

“The GAllo de Tierra knows where to focus its effortstaking into account their skills and avoiding areas where their experience is limited,” he says. Pedro Engel in his book. Although it seems to be a time of stability for this animal, it will encounter some situations that will allow it to change activities and explore new tasks. In finance, Your expenses will increase, so you must organize yourself to know exactly how much money comes out of your pocket.

Metal Rooster (from 02/08/1921 to 01/27/1922 and from 02/05/1982 to 01/24/1982)

  • Constant, sharp and intellectual

This year will be very significant for the metal roosterin some moments you will feel that the steps you are taking are small and do not have much importance but With the passage of time you will achieve enormous achievements, which will give you stability and clarity. “It is very possible that the opportunities that arrive during this year are radically opposite to what is safe for you,” the book says. Nevertheless, if he dares, it could be the biggest change of his career.

The metal rooster You will need to be very careful with your budget. You will have to be careful, disciplined and control your investments.

Gallo de Agua (from 01/26/1933 to 02/13/1934 and from 01/23/1993 to 02/09/1994)

  • Flexible, witty and clever with words

In the Chinese horoscope Water Rooster will have will experience a few months of crossroads, of intense learning and personal growth. “He will see how several obstacles that had slowed his progress suddenly disappear,” reads the book of Pedro Engel. In it professionallythis animal will have as purpose improve in certain perspectives. You will feel frustrated for not achieving what you want within the formulated deadlines, but you will gain experience, knowledge and strength.

On the money side, the Water Rooster you will feel impulses to spend unnecessarily, so in moments of doubt or uncertainty, you should seek help from people close to you So you get a more focused perspective on finances.

Chinese Horoscope Rooster Types
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Wooden Rooster (from 02/13/1945 to 02/01/1946 and from 02/09/2005 to 01/28/2006)

  • hardworking, honest and drastic

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Roosters of Way They acquired experiences in the previous year, so this time they will have another vision of life. Now they distance themselves when necessary, they value family life more and they will solve important problems with repercussions in the future. This animal will get a new schedule and work structure that while enjoying free time, «El Conejo recommends experience activities related to nature and the earthbecause it will benefit your character and balance your emotions”, reads the book of engel.

The Wood Rooster must exercise tight control over spending to get a proper quote. You should be careful when it comes to legal documents and seek help in everything that raises doubts. You will have to take care and respect your financial commitments so as not to generate arrears in your debts.

Fire Rooster (from 01/31/1957 to 02/17/1958 and from 01/28/2017 to 02/18/2018)

  • With a sense of justice, power of concentration and passionate

This year the Fire Rooster is characterized by its great determination and willpower to achieve your goals and purposes. « You are advised focus on reality that surrounds him to adapt to what life presents him,” the book states. This bird will build a solid base in your work increasing your productivity. The water rabbit he recommends you value the importance of discipline in your finances and keep track of your expenses. They should not make impulse purchases.

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