How will Rigoberta Bandini follow Chanel’s performance at Eurovision 2022?

Rigoberta Bandini has risen to fame since his popular ‘Ay, mama’ with which he performed at the benidorm fest to represent Spain in Eurovision. Weeks before, the popular theme of the artist received one of the biggest promotions that is remembered to date. In programs like ‘Sálvame’ they used the song as the soundtrack of the tribute to Rocío Jurado by her daughter Rocío Carrasco.

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However, in the end, the Catalan did not win, something that surprised everyone and for which Chanel received numerous criticisms and insults through social networks because she won thanks to the jury’s vote. But now it seems that the artist of Cuban origin is the best option without a doubt. Chanel has returned the illusion to the eurofans Y bookmakers predict a good result for Spain. Although it is complicated, a victory is not ruled out either, but we would settle for an excellent top five. Without a doubt, this is the best performance of the last decades.

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If we tell you that Rigoberta Bandini’s career was born many years ago, you may think that we are deceiving you. The young woman has risen to fame this 2022, in fact she has reissued her song, with which she has released a video clip, and her book, which is now a bestseller. The Catalan has been on stage since 2010when he was only 20 years old. He belonged to the musical group The Mamzelles. However, her fame has come to her thanks to her good work in the music industry as a solo artist.

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Three months after participating in the Benidorm Fest, he confirms that he is now glad not to participate in Eurovision. In this last decade, the artist has published a total of nine singles, although she still does not have any album. And she is not only a music lover, she also works as a voice actress. His debut in this territory It was when he was only 11 years old, specifically in the movie ‘I am Sam‘. The Barcelonan gave voice to the character Dakota Fanning.

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Rigoberta Bandini is glad not to go to Eurovision

A few weeks ago Rigoberta Bandini showed her position on participation in Eurovision. Everything arose as a result of the interview that rose lopez granted to Jordi Évole in ‘Lo de Évole’ for La Sexta. The winner of the first OT recognized that she had great pressure when she participated in the Eurovision Song Contest because, according to herself, everyone demanded that she win the contest.


That is when we saw the Catalan on screen making it clear that she had gotten rid of a good one, and that is that perhaps she would have liked to get on stage and sing in front of all of Europe, but without pressure or consequences, just for the pleasure of singing, his great passion.

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She won’t be at Eurovision and she’s almost glad she’s not. However, this does not mean that I will not see the festival. Of course, as a good fan of the most important music event in all of Europe, as she has always shown on social networks, she will not miss the event. Rosa López has traveled to Turin to support Chanel with other Eurovision shows. Rigoberta Bandini has not done it. The Catalan stays in Spain and will enjoy the show with friends.

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