Huge sinkhole ‘eats’ the San Luis Potosí lagoon; leaves indigenous community without water – El Financiero

A huge sinkhole almost nine meters deep “swallowed” a trough that supplies water to the community of Anteojos, municipality of Santa Catarina, in San Luis Potosí. Government authorities and academics from the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí are already investigating the event.

The inhabitants of the place requested the immediate intervention of the state government because they fear that the sinkhole will grow and reach the inhabited areas of the sector, in addition to the fact that they ran out of practically no water for agricultural activities.

The events were recorded in recent days, when two young people who they herded their animals, near the place where the problem arose, they heard a crash. As they approached the place, they saw how the water began to filter through the hole that was opened in the ground.

Civil Protection personnel from San Luis Potosí moved to the place to carry out the necessary inspections and verify that the people who live nearby are not in danger. The sinkhole dried up the trough that fed the animals in the area, therefore, specialists They carry out studies of the hole.

The personnel from the Geophysics area of ​​the State Coordination of Civil Protection analyzed the opening of the earth with a georadar and determined that it has a depth of 8.44 meters, a length of 8.68 meters and a width of 6.44 meters.

In the next few days, the study will continue to find out the causes that originated this sinkhole, where the intervention of geology specialists from the highest house of studies was also requested.

At the moment, the pertinent strategies and actions are analyzed to support the community with the supply of water for agricultural use and that the activities are not affected.

Socavón de Puebla, from interest to oblivion

The emergence of the sinkhole in the community of Santa María Zacatepec impacted the community due to its dimensions and because it grew to devour a house that was in the vicinity.

What at first was fear was the breeding ground for the residents to see the opportunity to do business and promote the falla as a tourist offer, renting rooftops to see the sinkhole, as well as selling drinks, food and other souvenirs such as t-shirts with legends such as “souvenir of the sinkhole”.

The morbidity grew due to the denunciation of groups that defend animals that came to the place, after two dogs fell into the hole. On June 11, Spike and Spay They were rescued and the event went around the world, not only because of the great failure but also because of the stories that arose from it.

Given the interest of the people to see the sinkhole in Puebla and due to the softening of the land in the surroundings, security measures increased even more after the state government reported that the sinkhole was larger than the dimension that was observed. .

the secretary of Environment, Beatriz Manrique, indicated that the studies showed the existence of 14 points with little compression and two cavities between five and 10 meters, so that the land collapse is active and can be replicated in other points of the municipality.

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