Hugh Jackman taunts Deadpool for Ryan Reynolds’ latest video [Foto]


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Credits: YouTube / Deadpool and Korg React -Ryan Reynolds

A few days ago Ryan Reynolds announced, in his style, the official entry of Deapool in the MCU. The actor who interprets the chatty mercenary has in fact posted a video in which the hero in red and black dressed looks together with Korg the trailer for Free Guy, new film by the Canadian star (here to see it). A comment from his brotherly friend could have been missing Hugh Jackman? Obviously not.

The Australian actor who for many years wore the clothes and claws of the surly Wolverine in fact commented on Instagram the video in question by writing WOW! 4:12 and you haven’t mentioned me once. Deadpool, the therapy is working!

The member of the X Men with the adamantium skeleton is often a victim of the jokes with which Deadpool he usually breaks the fourth wall in his films. Which therefore fully justifies the surprise of Hugh Jackman that he was never mentioned in the funny video.

Some time ago, however, it was the Australian who mentioned the mercenary when, ironically but perhaps not too much, he asked Reyndols to give a role to Wolverine in the next Deadpool 3 (details here). In fact, as announced, this film will be the one with which the immortal Marvel hero will become part of the MCU, a place where the X Men should also make their appearance shortly, a group of heroes that Jackman has abandoned a few years after the events seen in Logan.

However knowing the character of Ryan Reynolds it is not so impossible to think that at least for a moment we will have the chance to see Jackman unleash his deadly claws in the film. However, we will still have to wait some time since, as declared by the Marvel homeowner Kevin Feige some time ago (details here), work on Deadpool 3 production won’t start until next year.


We will therefore have to have patience for a while.

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