HUGO by Hugo Boss in the purest biker and tiktoker style.

The new from HUGO by Hugo Boss is a collection with a biker and tiktoker style, very modern and youthful.

they say in Hugo Boss than your collection HUGO by Hugo Boss for spring and summer 2023 is about embracing individuality and breaking the rules, that may be why they chose to feature three popular faces for different modern reasons, not three more or less popular models: R&B singer tinashethe tiktoker Bella Poarch and the actor Evan Mack: the three pose perfectly dressed and complemented by Hugo Boss in front of the lens of Stuart Winecoff.

The collection is very diverse, in it we find everything from pieces oversized to other hyper-tight ones, lingerie, leather pants, military boots, sandals, shorts, sweatpants, tops, trainers, light shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, platform shoes even for them… And all this in a clearly dominated color palette. for the black with which they match and contrast their antagonistic tones par excellence: red and white.

Discover the most suggestive images of this new campaign of HUGO by Hugo Boss in the multimedia gallery that opens this news item.


Design: HUGO by Hugo Boss
Bell: HUGO by Hugo Boss Spring and Summer 2023 Collection
Photography: Stuart Winecoff
Models: Tinashe, Bella Poarch and Evan Mock

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