Hugo Lloris throws Dibu Martínez dart; ‘I’m too rational’Halftime

Almost a month after the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final was played, where the Argentines beat the French in an epic game that required penalties, the wounds still do not heal among the Gauls.

And a lot had to do with the attitude of Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martínezwho was superb under the three sticks in the definition from the eleven steps, although his attitudes during and after the game left much to be desired, earning plenty of criticism.

What does Lloris think of Dibu?

Hugo Lloris gave an interview to L’Equipe, where he announced that he was going to end his participation in the France team. On the other hand, during the talk they asked him what he thought about the actions of Dibu Martínez, who did several things to distract his compatriots.

And despite the fact that the French goalkeeper wanted to dodge the question, he did throw a dart at the South American, since he said that he would never take a similar attitude, since he is too rational to do those things.

“There are things I don’t know how to do. Playing in goal, destabilizing the rival, playing on the limit, I don’t know how to do it. I’m too rational, too honest to go into that area.. I don’t know how to win like that, even if I really didn’t want to lose like that, either,” she surprised herself.

What happened with the Romero fight?

At the end of the match, Hugo Lloris and Cristian Romero, teammates at Tottenham, staged a fight, where it was even said that the Frenchman threatened Cuti. Hugo pointed out that everything is part of soccer and after the game everything was forgotten.

“We explained what happened and moved on. He is a boy that I like a lot, he is also my neighbor and since he arrived we spent a lot of time together. But we talked about it, yes. (About threats) was a game theme. He is pushed towards me, dragging his elbow, and it is the pain that provokes my anger. But let’s continue, ”he commented.

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