Hugo Rodallega offers his services “to anyone” by not having a teamPart-time

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After scoring one goal in 23 games in the Bay of Brazilian soccer in 2022, Hugo Rodallega He has no team this year to start and on his social networks he offered to play for any team that wants him.

“I would play in any team that wants to have my services,” the 37-year-old Colombian wrote on Twitter.

Rodallega played in MX League with Atlasa team that brought him to Mexico in 2006, later that same year he went to stripedparticipating a year without convincing.

In 2007-2008 he was active with Necaxawhere he had the best performance in Aztec soccer and for that reason he emigrated to England with the Wigan Athletic, in 2012 to Fulham; In 2015 he went to Turkey and in 2021 he came to Brazilian soccer.

Rodallega intends to play for a club in Colombiawhich are still in the preparation stage.

He would have offered to play in the cali americabut the signing fell at the last minute.

“Good night ‘scarlet’ fan, teacher Guimaraes under his finger was what Mr. Tulio told me with whom I had a conversation a few hours ago. I thank you in advance with all my heart for that desire to see me dressed in ‘red’, believe me, I did everything impossible to be with you,” he said.

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