Hugo Rodallega revolutionizes the BetPlay League: offered to Bucaramanga and with the possibility of Cali and Pereira | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

the novel of Hugo Rodallega With América de Cali it came to an end after his signing was ruled out due to its high cost, confirmed by the same shareholder Tulio Gómez and after his non-arrival at the Red Devils club, the forward continues with offers from Colombian football legends.

For this reason, according to information from the journalist Diego Saviola and Alexis Rodríguez, the former striker from Bahía de Brasil would have three offers from Liga BetPlay teams to continue his career, since the Colombian’s priority is to play in his country in this season. season.

First, there is the offer of Deportivo Cali, who seeks to enhance his squad after the failure of recent seasons and Hugo Rodallega with a past in the sugar bowl, would be a good option to reinforce the attack.

In the same way, another of those who joined the conversation is the Deportivo Pereira, who is looking for the best reinforcements to have a good Copa Libertadores and Rodallega would not go wrong with the Matecana team.

However, the other important club that is looking for him is the Athletic Bucaramanga, team to which he was offered and the possible offer is being studied, but it is not yet known if the managers of the leopard club have the economic possibility to sign him and what plan they would have for the forward to sign over other clubs.

At the moment, there is still no confirmation from the clubs or from Rodallega about his future. The only certainty is that he continues to listen to proposals to continue his career, prioritizing that one of Colombian soccer players present something more formal on the table to sit down and negotiate.

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