Hugo Sánchez is proposed to lead América

Hugo Sánchez joins the list of candidates for America
Hugo Sánchez joins the list of candidates for America

The America club It is going through one of its most complicated moments in recent years. The team has not had the best performance so far in 2022, as they have solemnly won one game out of the nine that have been played so far in the tournament Shout Mexico C22.

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The bad streak of results caused the departure of Santiago Solari as team helmsman. The Argentine could not get the victory against Querétaro on matchday 8 when they had already warned him that he had to add the three points, for which they decided to thank him.

The situation for the club worsened, because in that same week, Santos beat Pumas and threw the Eagles to the bottom of the table. Given this situation, the team appointed Fernando Ortiz as interim coach, who made his debut last Saturday, March 5, against Montereywho also premiered a coach in Victor Manuel Vucetich in a duel for the lower part of the tournament.

Ortiz debuted on the azulcrema bench

However, things did not go well for the Eagles, who fell back into the BBVA Stadium, now with a score of 2-1. Despite that, Fernando Ortiz would remain as interim coach. The Argentine will continue as coach of the Eagles, but some names are already beginning to sound to take the Americanist bench

Hugo Sánchez to America?

Since the departure of Santiago Solari, the chair of America has been related to several coaches from both Mexico and other leagues. And it is not for less, since it is one of the “hottest” positions in Mexican soccer and in the Concacaf area.

That is why not everyone can be appointed as technical director of America, since it is a job with a lot of pressure. In this search for candidates, Adrian Chavezformer goalkeeper of America, dared to run for Hugo Sánchez to be the replacement for Santiago Solari and incidentally remove “Tano” Ortiz.

Pachuca was Hugo Sánchez’s last team

Hugo Sánchez, who does not have a job, was at the club. He was already a champion, he is motivating, he works well and would be the ideal coach. To be able to rebuild the club you need a motivator, who restores the confidence in the players, and the truth is, with nine games still to play, I think we could qualify and be champions”, Chavez commented in an interview with ESPN.

Annoyed with the appointment of Fernando Ortiz

Before the departure of S.Antiago Solari and the resignation of Gilberto Adame, America’s options for appointing a new coach were reduced. That’s why they bet on Fernando Ortiz, who had been working in the club’s divisions.

This news did not leave the former American goalkeeper happy, who criticized the South American for his poor work in the lower categories. “It became cheaper (the position). (Fernando Ortiz) has no experience and the sub 20 is doing poorly. They are in the middle of the table” pointed out Adrian Chavez.

Adrián Chávez criticized the appointment of Ortiz

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