Humberto Carrillo will be part of the cast

Carrillo is originally from Monterrey and made his in-ring debut in 2019, gradually gaining more popularity.

After making us wait longer due to a complete reconstruction of the franchise, WWE 2K22 is in its last days before reaching our homes, and to the delight of the mexican community that follows the brand, the title will have the participation of Humberto Carrillorising star from Mexico in the industry.

Humberto Carrillo debuted in 2019 on SmackdownCarrillo began his career within WWE in 2019, previously proving his worth in NXT and later being part of the cast in smackdown. Carrillo and another Mexican fighter, Angel Heronformed a team that has placed them as one of the most dominant couples currently in the industry, shooting more and more the career of the young man born in Monterrey.

WWE 2K22

The mexican representation in WWE 2K22 is already dominant, having the famous Mistery King as the main star present on the cover of the game. Although he is perhaps the most popular wrestler from Mexico today, we must not forget the country’s more than notorious rise in entertainment throughout its history, having names like Alberto Del Río, Sin Cara and, of course, Eddie Guerrero.

Although WWE 2K22 is what the community is looking forward to these days, we already have the first clue regarding the next job from Visual Concepts, the studio in charge of this title. Outside of mentioning that it will be something “will blow our heads”we are completely unaware of what the developers are preparing, but that is definitely a strong statement from them.

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