Humiliating beating! Olimpia endorses the “little hand” to Real Sociedad and starts the Clausura 2023 scaring


The olympia he feasted on his debut in the Clausura and showed his credentials as champion by endorsing a withering 5-0 victory over the Real society in it Carlos Miranda of Comayagua.


His football shown was outrageous. He had a superb superiority and just half a game was enough for him to sentence the oil players and show that it will be a very long summer for his rivals.

Peter Troglio he could have stayed in his apartment watching a series on Netflix, because his team played on automatic pilot; once again those long balls and the incursions from the sides, were once again the script that has been the hallmark of the merengue team in the era of “Rulo” to liquidate their first rival 5-0.


The defense of Real Sociedad must be given a separate space, it seemed that they were in another game. First, because they always arrived at the mark at the wrong time inside the area; there they ate two penalties, the same ones that were well whistled by the man from Lima, José Valladares.


Joseph Mario Pinto The party started 18 minutes into the game. He received a long pass from Jonathan Paz from about 50 meters away, the defense failed and the ball was left for the skilful winger who finished off immediately to break the can and start the festival of goals that the rival would concede.

The second was about to be signed again by I paintbut on the line, like some kind of saving angel, appeared Carlos Sabillon who took the ball after kevin lopez began to show his fangs on the right, he sent a cross that Pinto finished off chopped.

The rear of the oil players was a bundle of nerves, they could not stop those short meringues who entered the area like a knife in butter. In another of the many dangerous actions, it was Jorge Alvarez who stepped on the rival area and in an unsportsmanlike manner, Pedro Gotay ran over him and Valladares sanctioned a penalty. I arrive Jerry Bentson and turned it into the second goal of the afternoon.

The first half hour was totally white. Again, the lion showed its claws on the left wing; Carlos “El Mango” Sanchez He dared, looked at a space and when he tried to cut Carlos Sabillón, he blocked him and a penalty was whistled. Now it was the turn of Arboleda who put the third.

But the party was not complete because the rookie’s goal was missing. Kevin López showed his credentials by filling that void that Michaell Chirinos had left and he did it with a red carpet. Choloma entered from the right, won the bottom line and when the goalkeeper, Francisco Reyes, came out, the ball spiked from the side to make it 4-0 and Carlos Miranda welcomed him.


In the supplement, Mauro Reyes, DT of Real Sociedad, changed the board, moved all the gears and lowered the revolutions of the lion who lowered his foot on the accelerator, but he was still hungry, he smelled blood in the rival area and he turned on the goal by Francisco Reyes.

The changes did not affect the visiting team, the albos continued with their offensive football. Kevin López was once again decisive, he got into the area and with an exaggerated rudeness, Ricky Zapata put a scissors on him and knocked him down in the area. Third penalty for Olympia. Benguché, who had just entered, changed it into a goal, beating Panchi Reyes who touched it with his fingers.

Then came the changes Troglio, kevin lopez He came out injured and Jorge Álvarez, tired. Those from Tocoa defended better in the complement, but the blow on the table that the lion hit is to scare his rivals. Now there will be a visiting test on Wednesday that visits Honduras Progreso at the Micheletti, while the oil players go home against Lobos UPN.

– FILE –

OLYMPIA: Alex Guity; Maylor Núñez (46′ Luis Reyes), Bryan Beckeles, Jonathan Paz, Carlos Sánchez; Carlos Pineda, Jorge Álvarez (Yan Maciel 72′), José Pinto (Edwin Solani 64′), Kevin López (Raúl García 72′); Yustin Arboleda (64′ Jorge Benguché) Jerry Bengston.

GOALS: José Pinto (18′), Jerry Bengston (24′ P), Yustin Arboleda (28′ P), Kevin López (37′) and Jorge Benguché (71′ P).

CARDS: There was not.

REAL SOCIETY: Francisco Reyes; Carlos Sabillón, Michael Osorio, Pedro Gotay (37′ Marel Álvarez), Kliffox Bernárdez (46′ Riky Zapata); Deyron Martínez, Desther Monico, Cristian Manaiza (46′ César Romero), Hesller Morales (37′ Edder Delgado); Rony Martinez, Jefferson Collazos (46′ Maynor Arzu).

CARDS: Pedro Gotay.

GOALS: There was not.

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