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    since we met Rue and Jules in ‘Euphoria’ they became one of our favorite fictional couples. Everything in them is complicated, sometimes sad, but when they are good they are absolutely tender. Season 2 began with a kiss in the dark that gave us hope to think that theirs would go better than in the previous installment. However, the arrival of Elliot and Bennett’s addiction has not allowed them to move forward. There are times when he says very painful words to her. This happens in fiction, but off camera the actresses Zendaya and Hunter Schafer they get along wonderfully, so well they have an affectionate nickname that we just met thanks to the second.

    Schafer spoke in an interview for ID about the evolution of his character and in the midst of the intensity he released this fantastic pearl that we did not expect at all. Can you imagine what both actresses are called?: “Teta, like so: Teta! [dijo como imitando su forma]. We call ourselves ‘boobs’ or ‘boobies’. It’s endearing, you know?”

    the actress in an ig story


    We would have loved if he had told more details about the origin of this affectionate name that the two use, but we will be left with the desire. However, the data did not go unnoticed by fans who remembered a ‘story’ in which the actress referred to this name.

    Hunter Schafer also spoke of his role in ‘Euphoria’: “There’s quite a lot of Jules in me and I channeled a lot of what I had in me into her at the beginning.” Regarding the romance that he lives in fiction with his ‘BFF’, he also provided some details: “It is between toxic and healthy. The second season pushes them along their limits and tests how far that love that seems unconditional can go.” Hopefully, indeed, her on-screen love for her remains as unconditional as it is in real life.

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