Hurricane Fiona | “I have never seen anything like it”: the serious flooding and destruction caused by the cyclone in Puerto Rico

  • Ronald Avila-Claudio
  • BBC News World

Image of a soldier while helping a person in Puerto Rico.

image source, Reuters

Puerto Rico is facing a new natural catastrophe when it has not yet recovered from Hurricane Maria, which exactly five years ago devastated a large part of this US territory, causing the death of almost 3,000 people and damage estimated at billions of dollars.

This time it was the hurricane Fionawhich with category 1 began to hit the island on Saturday with torrential rains and sustained winds of 137 km/h, and whose effects were still wreaking havoc this Monday, despite the fact that the system was over the Dominican Republic.

So far, local media have reported on the death of four peoples due to direct or indirect effects of the cyclone, while some 2,000 are in state shelters.

Images on social networks showed destroyed bridges, residential areas under water, overflowing rivers, sinkholes and huge landslides.

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