Hurricane Fiona: Ministry of Education affirms that schools are the last option to take refuge

The Ministry of Education issued a statement reaffirming that schools they should be the population’s last option for shelter.

It was through its official Twitter account where the public body said that the population should “try” not to use educational centers in the face of the threat posed by Hurricane Fiona.

“The signs of solidarity offered by the Ministry of Education in circumstances like these are undeniable, however, we have agreed with the COE and Onamet agencies that educational centers should be the last safe buildings to be taken as shelters. In this sense, directors, They must try to prevent our campuses from being used as shelters in the face of Fiona’s passingbeing this the last option to take into account”, reported Education.

Last Friday, the Emergency Operations Center (COE) reported that schools would be used as shelter only in extreme circumstances in the face of storm Fiona.

“The eye of Hurricane Fiona made landfall on the coast of the Dominican Republic near Boca de Yuma at 03:30 (07:30 GMT)” with winds estimated at 150 km / h, the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Twitter. .

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