Hwei: here is the kit of the new League Of Legends champion

After years of difficulties, suffering, falls and failures, T1 They managed to return to the roof of the world. fakers and his companions beat the Weibo Games in the final of World Cups 2023granting the fourth world title to the organization that wrote the history of League of Legends.

A very sweet victory, which came after a difficult year, and which left very little for the fourth seed in the LPL. In fact, I T1 they imposed themselves with a dry 3-0who never questioned an overwhelming superiority.

Therefore, we pay tribute to these five boys, capable of bringing home a result that will be recorded in the history books.

T1 wins the 2023 World Cup

True dominators

The path of T1 in it World Cups 2023 It was strange, dotted with a thousand difficulties that the team endured throughout the year. Of the injury suffered by fakersto the unsatisfactory results obtained in LCK.

But these guys have decided to build their redemption little by little, surprising even those who thought they were doomed on the eve of this World Cup. HE T1 They beat every opponent that stood in front of them, even super favorites like me. JDG.

The series played in the final against i. Weibo Games only confirmed his promotion, closing the World Cups 2023 with a dry 3-0. HE T1 They dominated their Chinese opponents everywhere, never giving them a single chance to come back. the shy and his companions tried with all their might, but everything was in vain.

The mechanical difference between individual players was too evident, especially in the top and mid lane. This victory is the definitive consecration of a long and difficult path, which has repeatedly called into question the value of this squad. We can only celebrate their triumph and hope that this is not the end, but only the beginning for them. It will have been the last great company of fakers?

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