Hygienism, a diet that promises the total well-being of body and mind

Diets do not have to be focused on losing weight: some have as a priority to seek a
general well-being. This is the case of
hygienisma diet that seeks to achieve the total balance of the person through a
detox that requires a total change in your lifestyle.

The weight of this diet falls on the
feeding. The key is to combine foods in such a way that proteins and carbohydrates do not coincide in the same meal. According to the experts who recommend this diet, in this way it will be much easier for the intestine to digest certain substances, carry out better digestion and purge the body of toxins.

What is hygienism?

Another of the pillars of this diet is the consumption of
fruits, especially fasting. The objective of this practice is to favor the cleansing of the organism, since the morning is when the body is more predisposed to eliminate toxins. For this reason, it is even recommended that those who practice hygienism spend the whole morning eating fruit and thus achieve complete purification.

The consumption of fruit is one of the pillars of hygienism/UNSPLASH

Hygienism rejects all those refined foods, that is, stripped of their natural nutrients and advocates the consumption of
raw and fresh food. These foods, also known as ‘living foods’, provide greater nutritional value to the body and row in favor of that total cleanliness that is intended to be achieved with this practice.

Keys to carry it out

The correct combination of foods, however, is not the only thing on which this diet is based. Hygienism understands health as a
total harmony of the person with himself and with the environment that surrounds him. Practices such as meditation, a correct rest of eight hours, physical exercise or exposure to vitamin D are essential to successfully complete the objective of hygiene.

With these bases established, hygienism can be carried out with
more or less intensity depending on the person’s preferences. From a basic hygienism that allows the moderate consumption of first quality wine, coffee or cocoa, to a comprehensive hygiene that cuts across any area of ​​life and with a strong commitment to food.

Hygienism advocates harmony and total well-being / UNSPLASH

In addition to purification and elimination of toxins, hygienism claims to have other benefits. Among them, the
energy boost and one
optimal and lasting health are some of the most outstanding, since all its appeal can be summed up in the promise of considerably improving the life of those who practice this technique.

Does it have scientific validity?

Although hygienism seems to have unquestionable advantages, the truth is that this practice
does not have any type of scientific endorsement. First of all, food dissociation is not entirely possible. Legumes or cereals, for example, have both proteins and carbohydrates, and it is therefore impossible to separate them.

Refering to
digestion, the intestine is prepared to digest almost any combination of foods. Thanks to the presence of specific enzymes, the digestion of both at the same time is not a problem for the body.

In the same way, spending the whole morning based on fruits, although it can be positive for eliminating toxins, does not provide enough energy that the body needs to face the first part of the day. A
full breakfastwith the corresponding caloric and nutritional intake, ensures the proper functioning that our body needs for a full morning.

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