Hyper-5 shooter is coming soon to Switch

Eastasiasoft has another tank shooting game for you. Change having announced Hyper-5 for the console. Hyper Productions was behind the original release.

Everything you need to know can be found in the overview below:

The Hyper-5 spacecraft has received a distress signal and is heading into battle against an unknown threat. As a pilot on your own and facing almost impossible odds, you will need to survive over forty types of enemies and massive boss encounters in the varied land, air and underwater stages of the 4GDT planet.

Hyper-5 takes inspiration from the classic shoot’em up genre of the 90s and offers modern advances in cinematic style! Traditional side-scrolling action is rendered in full 3D with screen-filling visuals and exciting cutscenes. Complete in-game challenges to unlock over twenty weapon systems, ship upgrades, and gallery extras!

key features

  • Blast off into a sci-fi cinematic experience inspired by the classics of the genre!
  • Enjoy side-scrolling shooter action in 5 unique arenas.
  • Set up your equipment and upgrade weapons in the Armory!
  • Select between Progression and Precision play styles.
  • Challenge the online leaderboards in Arcade mode.
  • Test your skills in additional time trial missions!

See a trailer for Hyper-5 below.

Eastasiasoft intends to sell Hyper-5 on the Switch eShop once it launches. We will inform you with the release date once it has been shared.

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