Hypnotic vs. Air – which new Ben Affleck movie is better?


  • The premise of Hypnotic is a policeman searching for his missing daughter.
  • Air tells the true story of Sonny Vaccaro and the evolution of Air Jordan, with Matt Damon’s performance leading the fascinating underdog story.
  • Air is the better Ben Affleck film, as it is fast-paced and consistently entertaining, whereas Hypnotic has some moments that slow the pace down.

In 2023, Ben Affleck stars in two new films: hypnotic And Air, Since his breakout role as Fred O’Banion in Richard Linklater’s 1993 high school comedy, dazed and Confused, Affleck has had an impressive film career. While Affleck has not done well in the superhero film genre, either as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DCEU or as Daredevil, he has had the opportunity to work with several critically acclaimed directors and stars in films such as Kevin Smith. Have acted. chasing amyGus Van Sant good will HuntingGeorge Clooney’s tender barand david fincher gone girl,

Ben Affleck has also proven to be a talented filmmaker as his notable directorial features include gone Baby Gone, CityAnd Ergo, which won the Best Film Award at the 85th Academy Awards, Affleck has also demonstrated his skills as a writer, co-writing the screenplay good will Hunting He was a frequent collaborator with Matt Damon, who saw him win an Oscar. Both of them also wrote its script together final duel, in which both of them acted. Affleck has a wide variety of films in his catalogue, and his latest films, hypnotic And AirThere are other excellent additions to his filmography.

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Hypnotic’s premise of Affleck finding his missing daughter keeps viewers engaged.

Ben Affleck holds a photo of his daughter and hypnotizes the camera

hypnotic Follows a police detective named Danny Rourke (Ben Affleck) who, while investigating a bank, A photo of his missing daughter is found with the phrase, “Find Lev Delrayne”., on the bottom. It is later revealed that Delrayne is a person who is able to bless reality at will and tell people to do whatever they want. In the same way as other psychological thrillers Mementoone of the best aspects of hypnotic Its basis.

The idea of ​​a policeman encountering a man who can control others with his mind and may be responsible for Rourke’s missing daughter is incredibly exciting to watch. Although the film has some dull and uninteresting moments, its premise as well hypnotic castStarring Alice Braga and William Fichtner, it still makes for an interesting psychological thriller worth watching.

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keep an eye on the peacock

Matt Damon’s performance as Sonny Vaccaro keeps Air constantly entertaining

Ben Affleck rests on a desk with his bare feet in the air

Air It tells the true story of Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon), a Nike employee who attempts to recruit A young Michael Jordan developed a brand of basketball shoes that later became known as Air Jordan And Nike make billions of dollars. While Michael Jordan does not appear AirThanks to Affleck’s direction, Alex Convery’s sharp and witty script, and the film’s fast-paced editing, the film still manages to tell a fascinating underdog story. Additionally, Vaccaro’s heart proves Air Because Damon’s excellent performance is what drives the story forward.

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Air is the Better Ben Affleck Movie

Ben Affleck wearing sunglasses, leaning over a desk in the air

Whereas hypnotic While it has an interesting premise and plays with various unique concepts, it is filled with many exposition-heavy scenes that often drag down the pace and can sometimes make the film feel tedious to watch. During this, Air It’s very fast-paced and its focus on Sonny Vaccaro keeps the story consistently entertaining. Overall, while Air The best Ben Affleck movie released in 2023 is, hypnotic Still worth watching.

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