Hypothesis Covid escape from laboratory covered up by scientists? / Mail and Fauci pop up …

The hypothesis of accidental escape of the coronavirus from the Wuhan laboratory as the origin of the Covid pandemic would have been silenced as harmful to science. This is what emerged from an exchange of e-mails between scientists dating back to the beginning of the Covid pandemic and involving Anthony Fauci (already finished in the viewfinder for the gain of function) And Francis Collins of the National Institutes of Health. The British newspaper reported on this correspondence Telegraph, which cites some of the most prominent British scientists, such as Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, who on February 2, 2020 reported that he believed that “probable explanationThe fact that Covid had rapidly evolved from a SARS-like virus inside human tissue in a laboratory with low security levels.

Furthermore, he stated that this evolution would “accidentally created a virus ready for rapid transmission between humans“. The two American scientists, however, replied that “further debate would create unnecessary harm to science in general and especially in China“. Francis Collins in particular, he specified that deepening thehypothesis of the escape of the coronavirus from a laboratory due to the origin of the Covid pandemic it could have damaged “international harmony“.


This exchange of e-mails are confirmation of «a lack of openness and transparency among Western scientists, who seemed interested, for political reasons, to silence hypotheses that they considered very plausible” second Viscount Ridley. The US Republican deputy James Comer, the one who managed to obtain the full version of these documents, believes that this correspondence demonstrates how world-renowned experts like Anthony Fauci, who became scientific adviser to the White House, at the beginning of the pandemic Covi had considered “much more seriously»The hypothesis of the escape from the laboratory of what they later declared. The British scientist Jeremy Farrar in e-mails to US colleagues, he reported that other scientists were convinced that the virus could not have evolved naturally. For example, Professor Mike Farzan of Scripps Research, who had discovered the mechanism by which the SARS virus bound to human cells. These experts were concerned about the presence of the furin site, a section of the spike protein which allows the coronavirus to enter cells and thus be contagious.


Sir Jeremy Farrar in an e-mail he summarized the considerations of the Professor Mike Farzan, explaining that the colleague was “worried about the furin site and cannot explain it to himself as an event (which occurred) outside a laboratory, although there are possibilities in nature, but highly unlikely“. So, the question for the British scientist was to put all things together. “If you believe in this series of coincidences, what do we know about the Wuhan laboratory, how natural (the virus) could it be, accidental escape or natural event? I lean towards a 70 to 30 or a 60 to 40“. In other e-mails, however, dated February 4, the percentages were revised by estimating the hypothesis of the escape from the laboratory at 50%. Instead the Professor Eddie Holmes of the University of Sydney 60% was in favor of this hypothesis, while Bob Garry of the University of Texas referred to “not being able to imagine how this could happen in nature“. Even the Professor Andrew Rambaut of the University of Edinburgh, according to which the furin cleavage site was “unusual“, Saying he is convinced that”the only people with enough information or access to samples to address the matter would be the teams working in Wuhan“.


The question oforigin of Covid, and in particular thehypothesis of the laboratory escape, returns topical after the Republican members of the Control Committee of the US House of Representatives they gained access to the documents, which were initially covered by many omissions. The emails were sent in response to a February 1, 2020 conference call between 12 scientists, including the UK Government’s Chief Science Advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance. So, as early as February 2 two years ago, at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, experts tended to cover up the hypothesis of the coronavirus escape from the Wuhan laboratory. For the Dutch virologist Ron Foucher the debate on these allegations would have “unnecessarily distracted the principal researchers from their duties“, Causing a”unnecessary harm to science in general and in China in particular“. Another reply arrived in an e-mail attributed to Anthony Fauci And Francis Collins: «I share your view that a quick confidential exchange between experts is required or rumors of a conspiracy will quickly dominate, potentially creating great harm to science and international harmony“.


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