Hyundai and Kia Motors the first

That it can be played at 120 FPS on an Android mobile through GeForce Now is a real advantage, but this experience is already there. reaching the vehicles of various car brands in order to provide them with a winning gaming experience.

[Por fin merece la pena comprar un móvil con pantalla rápida gracias a lo nuevo de Nvidia]

Your car is also your space for GeForce Now

Tesla has also been one of the brands that has turned a utility car into a space where, thanks to its large screen, you can play games like Cyberpunk 2077 or the same Destiny 2.

An exclusivity that ceases to be for Tesla electric vehicles for NVIDIA to announce during CES 2023 that its streaming platform will be available through Drive, one dedicated to cars.

GeForce Now in a Hyundai model

GeForce Now in a Hyundai model

The Free Android

Through this platform it will be possible enjoy the wide catalog of games of GeForce Now, as it happens in mobiles with a service that allows the use of ray tracing or Ray Tracing.

The car manufacturers that use it

The car manufacturers that are expected to start bringing this game streaming experience to their vehicles are the hyundai group (among which are those of Kia Motors), Polestar and BYDa Chinese brand.

Will be from this year 2023 when they begin to implement this platform in any brand that wants to use it so that, always with the car parked and the engine off, you can enjoy high-end games through GeForce Now.

An ideal entertainment system for some moments in which the car is stopped and so that the little ones, like those who are not, can enjoy the vast catalog of GeForce Now games.

GeForce Now on a BYD vehicle manufacturer model

GeForce Now en un modelo del fabricante de vehículos de BYD

El Androide Libre

De entre todo ese enorme catálogo de juegos, vía Xataka, serán los que se puedan dan soporte al mando a través del Bluetooth los que proliferen en los coches que cuenten con GeForce Now en su sistema.

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