“I almost couldn’t propose”

From October 14 to 16, the wedding fair was held for the second year at La Maladrerie where a request closed the parade.

What better place than a wedding fair to make your own proposal? “She always told me that it would take originality for her to say yes, so I wanted to show her that I could give myself up to her in front of the whole world”. Bastien Pelletier then struggled for a year to organize the ideal marriage proposal for Déborah, his future wife. He then obtained the help of Émilie and Sébastien from ÉmiSfaire even, who are the organizers of the show. His spouse was simply thinking of attending the parade with the wedding dresses and then leaving. When their favorite song “with you” by Chris Brown sets off at the end of the show, Bastien launches himself on stage to open up and kneel in front of the whole room.

A request after a caesarean section

Even if the end is happy, it is a request that almost fell through since a week earlier, the future young wife will give birth prematurely by cesarean section of their daughter Lexa on October 7. Fortunately, both the mother and the daughter, they will soon be back on their feet. : “ For her first discharge from the hospital, she was able to attend the show and at my request at the same time. For her, it was a magnificent request that she had been waiting for for a while. With the stress, I didn’t know if she was going to say yes but I’m very glad she did”says the future groom. Being already on the spot conducive to the preparations, the young future spouses can already get down to it.

This is the second consecutive year that this weekend dedicated to future spouses took place. The framework of the lean house lent itself more to the event and made it possible to bring together all the necessary companies in the same place for this very special day: caterer, wine merchant, photographer, decorators, crockery rental companies and of course the stands for ceremonial clothes. and wedding dresses.The event will have gathered many people throughout the weekend.

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