I am a legend of curiosity, because with Covid the film with Will Smith has become a manifesto for no vaxes

Where to see the film online and the plot that has to do with a pandemic, but can turn people into zombies

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Among the sources of inspiration of the no vax often self-styled doctors or experts of all kinds, false news or true news but misinterpreted, are included.

Sometimes, again, the no vax motivate their behavior with what is contained in the works of fiction. For example, the movie 2007, sci-fi horror genre, with Will Smith, I’m legend.

It all has to do with a simple meme.

I am a plot legend, because the film has become a source of inspiration for those who do not want the vaccine

I am legend is not the first film to have imagined, in plot, a dystopian future in which a pandemic devastated the planet Earth. In particular, in the script, it is a virus escaped from a cancer research laboratory.

The parasite turns out to be much more than deadly, it is in fact able to transform those infected into a kind of zombie. In this context, Willl Smith wanders to recover a cure that is able to help the few survivors of the plague.

I’m meme legend, because no vaxes like the Will Smith movie

“Remember: in I Am Legend, zombies are not born of disease, but come on vaccines“. It can be read in a meme whose image is directly inspired by some moments of the film. However, this would be an incorrect interpretation of what is seen on the screen. Despite everything, the no vaxes have made, with interactions and sharing, viral the meme.

One of the screenwriters, Akiva Goldsman, also intervened on the matter, who, between amazed and desperate, wrote on Twitter: “Oh. My. God. It’s a movie. I made it up. It is not. real”.

Actor Will SmithPhoto source: ANSA

Actor Will Smith.

Words that might seem obvious, but once the facts are considered, they are no longer so.

I am legend where to see it, availability on Netflix, Prime Video

I Am Legend is currently not available on the video platform streaming from Netflix. To see it on Prime Video, on the other hand, must be purchased or rented. Alternatively, it falls within the films that can be viewed through a subscription to Infinity Selection, accessible through the Amazon container.

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Photo source: ANSA

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