‘I am embarrassed and ashamed of what Chile is doing; in football you win or lose on the field’, the criticism of the Araucanian press for the case of Byron Castillo in FIFA | Soccer | Sports

In recent weeks in the Chilean sports press, be it television, radio or written media, the topic under discussion is the complaint filed by that country for alleged irregularities in the nationality of the Ecuadorian team player Byron Castillo; However, not everyone agrees that, in the event of a sanction, the lone star team will go to Qatar 2022 through administrative channels.

Chilean journalists have expressed their disagreement that a classification is achieved on the desk and believe that an eventual punishment should be for the soccer player and not the Ecuadorian team.

“Ecuadorian gentlemen, I am Chilean and I am shy and ashamed of what the ANFP (Chilean football federation) is doing, I am one of those who still believe that beyond the irregularities it should mean a fine or punishment for Mr. Byron Castillo, whatever, but in football you win or lose on the field”, harshly rejected Felipe Bianchi, journalist of the program Central circle From Chile.

“Let’s suppose that it is true that Byron Castillo is Colombian, do you think that Chile should not make a claim?” a colleague questioned Bianchi and had his answer.

“Chile should not go to the World Cup, what does one thing have to do with the other? Put (Castillo) a fine, a sanction or a life ban on Castillo, but how is Chile going to go to the World Cup and play the opening match! Why?” Bianchi concluded.

One of his colleagues, Roberto Cox, from chilevision, He also criticized the fact that his country’s team intends to reach the World Cup after having a “bad tie”.

“Pretending to go to the World Cup because Ecuador played with a player born in Colombia is shameful, beyond the legal loopholes that may have existed in his registration,” said the radio communicator DNA.

He added: “It’s a complete disgrace. We had a bad tie. Very lopsided, losing very accessible points along the way.”

The communicator pointed out that the ANFP should not do anything and that the only thing that this serves is so that Chile “has more anger” in the continent.

“The ANFP should not lift a finger to try to clarify the matter. If it happens, welcome, but the only thing it will do is to make us more angry on the continent,” Cox said.

“If Conmebol determines that Chile must go, it will have to be done. Obvious! Denmark qualified for the Eurocopa of 92 by secretariat and then came out champion. If by regulation it is up to us to go, we will have to go, but knowing that we did not earn the right to be on the field, “concluded the journalist. (D)

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