I am great. Director regrets changing ending in Grupo Milenio film

‘I Am Legend’ is one of the winner’s most acclaimed films oscar will smithBut according to critics the ending should be different, perhaps more faithful to the work as written. richard mathesonOf same name.

Now the same film director, francis lawrenceAgree that they probably made bad decisions regarding the film adaptation.

,I prefer the original ending of the two we have. But the truth is that now I would have made it to be able to make the ending of the novel, really just to make that story.” Lawrence said.

The cinematic version featured the character. Robert Neville (Will Smith) Sacrificed himself from the explosion of a grenade to prevent seekers of darkness and be able to give the human survivors, Anna and Ethan, (played by Alice Braga and Charlie Tahan) the strength to escape from the ruined laboratory.

However, an alternate ending came about when the film came out as a home video: in it, you can see the hero neville As the true adversary who experimented on them, But it was rejected in test screenings because Smith was considered bad.

First, Director Lawrence plans to direct a prequel in which Smith will again play Neville, which explained the situation before the outbreak that led to the formation of Darkseeker; This idea was scrapped in 2011. But recently, distributor Warner Bros. confirmed that a direct sequel will be coming.

second part will start alternative basis And the actor will have a co-starring role in Michael B. Jordan and with lawrence Back in the director’s chair.

Returning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman said, “It picks up a few decades after the first one.” “We go back to the alternate ending, the opposite of the ending published in Matheson’s original book and the original movie. What Matheson was talking about was that man’s time as the dominant species on the planet was over. It really There’s something interesting in there that we’re going to explore. There will be a little more fidelity to the original text.”

Watch the interview with the director of ‘Soy Leyenda’


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