“I Am Groot”: the trailer for the Marvel/Disney series at D-1!

Marvel Studios continues to expand its universe with the series. After Ms Marvel and Moon Knight, it’s the turn of Baby Groot which will be adapted to the small screen with “I Am Groot” from August 10, 2022.

A series based on the growth of Baby Groot

Groot is one of the key characters in the Guardian of the Galaxy movie. The original MCU floral colossus (the first version in Guardian of The Galaxy) is already dead according to director James Gunn. Baby Groot would therefore be a newborn in the Marvel universe. This would also explain the behavior of our favorite tree.

One of Groot’s characteristics concerns its language. He almost always repeats “I Am Groot” and doesn’t know how to say anything else. The title of the series will be the tree’s favorite expression. The French adaptation is a little cuter: “Je s’appelle Groot”.

Scheduled for August 10, 2022, Marvel unveiled the series’ trailer at Comic Con in San Diego. We see our young shoot being attacked by aliens and then… farting and solving the situation. Marvel announced that we will follow its growth through adventures in the stars, without disclosing the rest. Five episodes are already announced.

Continuity at Marvel and Disney

Disney had already announced the arrival of new Marvel series on its Disney+ streaming platform in 2020. In this expansion, “I Am Groot” is positioned as a spin-off of the Guardian of The Galaxy film.

The series will be directed by Kirsten Lepore (Adventure Time), and alongside her, James Gunn as executive producer. Still in continuity, we will also find the actor Vin Diesel who will resume his character Groot. Among the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon would appear. The raccoon will also be taken over by its actor, Bradley Cooper.

As for the return of the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, nothing is certain. The poster of the series reveals Baby Groot with Peter Quill’s (Star-Lord) K7 walkman, but does not tell us about the appearance of this one.


“I Am Groot” will focus on the adventures of young (and mischievous) Groot. The events of the series would take place before the movie Thor: Love and Thunder. With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever closing out Phase 4, we can’t wait to see what “I Am Groot” sets up.

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