“I am stronger than ever”

They gave him very little time. According to the medical team’s calculations, the chances of recovery were no more than 5%. However, broke all the figures: Lee Troutman not only recovered, but months later, he feels “stronger than ever.” And that, in his case, is saying a lot: This 20-year-old is a personal trainer and his physical shape has always been more than optimal.

But there was a bracket in this course. Troutman’s job and other situations came to a halt after meeting with the doctor. This American from Georgia has been described as a “fitness fanatic” Night sweats, fatigue and liver pain, Going from consultation to consultation and test to test, she was diagnosed with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a type of immunodeficiency also known as HLH. In short, it consists of a fatal internal inflammation that paralyzes organs.

Months later he received another concerning diagnosis: he had Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and cancer had spread The four parts of the brain, the brain stem, spine, liver, ribs and hip. Therefore, the prognosis was very negative. However, he wanted to be aware of what was happening to him and try to move forward.

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“At the time of my diagnosis, I was working out 12 hours a day. I opened the gym at five and trained non-stop with clients. Then I also did my personal training. So I assumed my unusual symptoms were simply a result of working out. Too much,” the young man commented.

When the clinical decision came, that routine changed. by force. “Once I found out, things got worse rapidly: My eyes and skin turned yellow due to liver failure, I couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, couldn’t eat, couldn’t do anything. I didn’t even really know what was going on. “I was not in a coma, but my mind was constantly confused,” he told the English newspaper. mirror,

It all slowly caught up to her: Troutman went to the doctor in October 2021 and was diagnosed with mononucleosis, then HLH in December, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in January 2022. One winter his life went into the abyss:Clouds covered the horizon and he lost half his body weight. On the scale, a worrying figure: 46 kg.

“The doctors did not believe I would survive. My mother and I found someone who agreed to take my case. He gave me hope with a 5% chance of survival. He said, If she wants to survive lymphoma and aggressive cancer treatments, she will need a bone marrow transplant., And after that, I’ll have a 70% chance of getting over it,” he commented to the British newspaper.

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The young man was about to undergo a bone marrow transplant when his lungs deteriorated. He did this twice. And they had to put him on a respirator. They placed a feeding tube. Finally, they took him off the oxygen, but he had to go off oxygen It took several months of rehabilitation to regain weight and muscle., Meanwhile, he continued to receive chemotherapy to prepare for the surgery.

“They wanted to make me strong enough to withstand a bone marrow transplant. During that time, I learned to do practically everything againFrom walking to eating. “I also received over 50 platelets and a blood transfusion,” Troutman said.

As Troutman reported, he received “too many chemotherapy sessions to count” and “several radiation treatments to my brain.” ,I didn’t remember him at that time, and Looking back now, it’s overwhelming, “I definitely have some PTSD that I talk to a counselor about often,” he said.

Shortly after, on May 24, 2022, when he received a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor. From there, in a few weeks, He was discharged, although he had to spend 200 days in quarantine To avoid infection, 63 medicines had to be taken daily. This prevented transplant rejection and HLH recurrence.

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“It was too much, but I knew the pills were necessary. The quarantine tested my sanity. Not seeing people for 200 days was hard. I felt alone and it reminded me of being in the hospital.Where I was regularly accompanied by doctors, nurses and therapists,” Nayak recalled.

It was worth it: Now, the disease is gone. However, as he explains, the journey has been “heartbreaking”. And it’s not over: yet You have to go to the center for checkup once a month And are still tested regularly. Something that Troutman wrote with his resignation letter: “The hospital saved my life, but I hope I never have to go back.”

“A few weeks ago I took my dog ​​to the vet because he is sick and It evoked all kinds of emotions and sensations in me., I had flashbacks. I wait for the day when these memories disappear,” added the man who has returned to his temple, the gym, as he regularly shows on his Instagram profile. There he shows his progress without skimping on those moments full of tracks and needles or the current belly.

Troutman has confessed that when she was admitted, she “spent a lot of time writing down my goals.” “Sometimes He was just getting out of bed and brushing my teeth., I am feeling fine now. I feel happy. “I feel normal,” listed someone who got a tattoo of the lapidary phrase: “I will sacrifice myself for the people I love.”

Lee Troutman is living his “best life,” as he notes. “I have I’m back to working out at the gym, I have a job and I’m thinking about my future., If there is anyone out there going through a similar situation, stay strong, keep fighting and don’t give up. If the doctors have given up, find a new doctor. “Defend Yourself,” he used the staunch philosophy he long defended even when the statistics were stacked against him.

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