“I became a producer because of how lonely I have felt on some shoots”

Although we knew her in the shadow of her parents, don johnson and Melanie Griffith, and his great leap to stardom will come from the infamous saga “Fifty Shades”, Dakota Johnson’s career (USA, 1989) is far from conventional. Or, at least, what Hollywood had in store for her. Character surly and strange on the planet cinema —her visit to the Ellen DeGeneres program or her dissertation on limes in “Architectural Digest” will remain in the memory, only to later confess that she is allergic— Johnson tries to get as far away as possible from the shadow of nepotism and the erotic blockbuster that the put on the map. Thus, and after working with directors of the stature of Luca Guadagnino or Drew Goddardthe actress has made the leap to production with “Cha Cha Real Smooth”or “Dancing for life” as AppleTV+ has titled it for its premiere in Spain.

Always attentive to independent cinema (she comes from working in “Personal Assistant” and “The Nowhere Inn”), Johnson received a draft script from Cooper Raiff, darling indie where they are in the new American cinema and responsible for the brilliant “Shithouse”, 2020. This is how it began to shape “Cha Cha Real Smooth”perhaps one of the great covers of the awards season that is always on, and a story in which we follow Andrew (Raiff himself) in search of his own identity as an adult. Heartbroken by the departure of his girlfriend from the university to Barcelona, ​​in a long-term project, the protagonist returns to his town, to live with his family and try to make a living as a Bar Mitzvahs organizer while he finds a related job. with his training. There he will make a name for himself among the mothers in the area, getting to know Domino (Johnson) and his daughter Lola (Vanessa Burghardt), who is on the autism spectrum. Between nineties dances, too many drinks and gerontophile revelations, “Cha Cha Real Smooth” It is revealed as an unconventional romantic comedy, hard at times and extremely realistic in its definition of love, less serious and more restrained.

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