“I broke a myth with Leonardo DiCaprio”

Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher…

“She only bathes in Pretty Woman,” Tatiana Arus joked when she learned that Julia Roberts doesn’t bathe. “Yeah, when he said ‘It’s milk!'” says the Aruser@s presenter, recalling a legendary moment from the film. And she is not alone.

Undoubtedly, this news deserves to be featured in the ‘Notimaginas’ section instigators, And, in fact, we could not even imagine that there are such Hollywood stars who don’t bathe, This list is very long and the names in it are very shocking.

Apparently and according to him, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher,Leonardo Dicaprio,Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson,brad pitt And many other actors don’t have this habit that the rest of us find so attractive. Tatiana Arus admits, “I must say that with Leonardo DiCaprio a myth has become over me.” “But he carries it as his flag, he is a great protector of the ecology,” explains the aide. “Man, ‘Check’ will do it,” believes Rocío Cano.

Anything that doesn’t get wet (literally) is Julia Roberts, ,Just took a bath in Pretty Woman“, jokes Tatiana. “Yes, when he said ‘It’s milk!'” says Alfonso Aras, imitating this legendary scene from the film. The only thing the instigator can hope for is that at least he doesn’t try to hide the smell. Fragrance The colonies which the actress has announced.

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