“I clenched my stomach so much that my abs hurt”

Camila Hair.  (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images for Bauer Media)

Camila Hair. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images for Bauer Media)

This weekend Camila Cabello decided to go to one of her favorite ‘beach clubs’ in Miami to relax, sunbathe and swim in the sea, but in the end the whole day ended up being ruined by the presence of paparazzi who did not stop photograph her

At first the artist tried to pretend they weren’t there, but she couldn’t help but end up “holding her breath” as she made the short walk from her towel to the water. And all this despite the fact that she had ‘prepared’ beforehand by eating lightly, applying lip gloss, choosing a flattering outfit and a new bikini.

“I clenched my stomach so much that my abs hurt, and I didn’t breathe and I barely smiled because I kept thinking about where the paparazzi could be. I couldn’t get it out of my head and relax,” he confessed on Instagram.

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On an intellectual level, the singer is aware that she shouldn’t care in the least what the rest of the world thinks or says about her, but deep down she can’t help it, no matter how long she has decided to only follow women “who accept their bodies, their cellulite and their stretch marks” on social media.

“I am a single woman in her twenties who is in the middle of a brutal promotion and I want to feel that I look good,” she added to acknowledge that she is also affected by the impossible beauty canons that prevail in society.

Ironically, Camila knows that on other occasions she has put on “too small” bikinis without thinking twice, and yet this time she was unable to have fun even knowing that she would “look good” in the photos, so in the end she ended up going to a more private place.

“Who am I trying to be attractive to and do I consider myself attractive if I can’t kick back and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach? I’m not at a point in my journey where I could give a f**k.” “, he lamented.


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