“I cried hysterically”: Kourtney Kardashian in tears after breaking this object

Kourtney Kardashian revealed in a new episode of The Kardashians broadcast on Hulu, that she had broken her engagement ring estimated at 1 million dollars… A moment of distress and stress for the older sister of Kim. Breathe, blow…

On October 17, in Montecito, Travis Barker had pulled out all the stops to put stars in the eyes of the chosen one of his heart, Kourtney Kardashian. A fine sandy beach, thousands of red roses, and a sublime sunset… The setting could not be more idyllic for a declaration of love… and a marriage proposal.

Blink-182 drummer had also drawn a ring worthy of his love, adorned witha gigantic diamond set in a skinny style platinum solitaire with a band of pavé diamonds The bosses of jewelry companies had gone there with their prognoses, as to the cost of the precious stone, estimating for some, the stone of around 15 carats at $1 million. It appears that Travis adheres to the family philosophy of the Kardashians by doing the choice of a massive and flashy object with this oval-cut diamond as an engagement ring for Kourtney. It appears to be over 15 carats, set on a hidden plinth or tie “, specified Mike Fried, at the head of The Diamond Pro.

And suddenly the drama

Not the kind of ring you would carelessly leave lying around? Not so fast. Page Six reports this Thursday, May 12 the mishap that happened to Kourtney Kardashian and unveiled in the last episode of The Kardashians airing on Hulu. Kim’s older sister revealed that she broke the ring. In a scene from the new episode, Kris Jenner noticed that Kourtney was not wearing her solitaire signed by Lorraine Schwartz and asked why. “It is being repaired“, answered mortified the sister of Kylie Jenner who then collapsed indicating that it was most likely “one of the worst things done in his life.”

I was sitting on the floor folding sweatshirts. I took the ring off and put it next to me on the floor, thinking she’d be safe right next to me.” She goes on : “I had to get something upstairs in my closet, and when I came down, I stepped on the ring. I cried hysterically in my closet for hours, then I called Travis. I was like ‘I did something really, really wrong.

Travis put on his superhero cape and consoled his love in the midst of a nervous breakdown. It really gave me, like, a nervous breakdown, dropped the mother of the family. “I was just like, ‘It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever had in my life, and how could I do that?‘” More fear than harm however, seems to think Page Six which ensures that the repairs were undoubtedly successful. According to the American site Kourtney would have worn her ring “at this year’s Oscars, Grammys and Met Gala.“Wow!

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