“I didn’t want to come to Spain”

Shakira’s harrowing statement leaked in court talking about her relationship with Pike: “I didn’t want to come to Spain”youtube

shakira She is once again the heroine of today, though this time not for something that has anything to do with her new love life, but for a reason she has with the coffers still open.


The newspaper ‘El Pais’ has exclusively published Full appearance of the Colombian artist during the first hearing of his criminal proceedings On the occasion of the alleged fraud of 14.5 million to the treasury. Her statements come four years after meeting with the judge, clearing up many questions about her relationship with Piqué.

“Sincerely, Your Honor, I don’t know anyone who is in criminal proceedings for being in love, That’s why I think it’s so unfair and unrealistic,” Shakira began to explain. “I was a nomad, someone without roots or stability. I have traveled so fast that I have been in three countries in one day. This is one of the highest prices I have paid for my career. I was everywhere, I lived in airplanes more than any pilot”, he thought it appropriate to try to explain why he did not choose our country as his tax residence.

“I didn’t want to come to Spain, It’s a beautiful country, but it’s not the center of the music industry. For me, living in Spain is a big sacrifice for my professional success, because I don’t have access to the best in artistic production that I have in the United States.

“I started dating him, and if I have some free time, I’d rather go visit him than fly to the Bahamas to visit my ex. It was a situation that Gerrard didn’t like at all”, he explained of the beginning of his relationship with Piqué. “we had a very tumultuous relationship, He was a dragon mine because our professional lives didn’t match, it was like mixing oil and water. I was a world traveler and had to keep a schedule. We didn’t understand each other very well and I hope this is not leaked to the press.

“In 2011, when I started dating him, we barely saw each other. He’s 23, ten years younger than me. football player, handsome, with a reputation as a playboy…I was mad at that time. Right now he’s a great guy, but then he was crazy and I had no guarantees that things would move forward or that we would start a family. I never thought I’d be in this country because of that wonderful bearded guy, Oh well…”.

In addition to her arrival in Spain, Shakira’s statements also included the birth of her two children and Piqué’s already complicated relationship with Barca at the time. ,with Guardiola my relationship was very stressful Of ‘you go or I go’. It was a situation that caused him a lot of suffering.”

,We educate Milan and things change, However, at this point we are a close-knit family We’re never going to be a completely traditional couple.”to end.

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