I do not receive the money for Bizum, what is happening?

Bizum has become the favorite mobile payment solution in Spain. It has 19,610,000 active users, 31 affiliated banks and 29,300 online businesses that support this means of payment and money transfer. If you have made a money transfer and it does not reach the recipient or it is you who does not receive the money in your account, this may be happening.

Withholding by your bank

Although Bizum transactions are instantaneous by default, if the money is not reaching you, it may have been withheld by your bank. bank transfer operations are regulated in the first 48 hours. If the payment is late, but within this period, you should not worry.

mobile bizum

mobile bizum

If after those 48 hours the problem continues and the money has not arrived, check with your bank.

Computer or app error

Like any application, the service may fail at some point. At the moment, Bizum is integrated into the mobile banking apps of the 31 entities with which it has an agreement, with its own app still in the testing phase and few compatible banks and savings banks.

Therefore, if we think we have made a payment or are waiting for one, but it does not arrive, it may have been a computer error, from servers when registering the transaction, connection or your device. Bizum recommends speaking directly with your bank, since the technical problem will have been on their side as owners of the mobile app.

Have you changed your associated account?

The Bizum service can only be linked to a checking account for each mobile number. You may have recently changed your bank and you have not yet updated this information for Bizum, so the money would be arriving in your old account.

We can change the bank service in a matter of seconds as many times as we want by following these steps:

  1. Enter the app of the entity in which you want to register in Bizum.
  2. Go to the Bizum section and enter your number.
  3. Register with your mobile number, it will detect that you were already a client before.
  4. Change the account associated with Bizum.

When we activate Bizum in a new entity, it will automatically be unlinked from the bank in which we had activated the service before. If for some reason this does not happen, contact your old bank so that they can unsubscribe you from the Bizum service.

Have you reached the limit?

Bizum has some own monthly limits, which can be adjusted by your bank. Perhaps the person who sent you the payment reached one of those monthly limits and, therefore, although he believes that he has really sent the money, the operation has not been carried out.

By default, Bizum allows a total of 60 operations per month, with maximum limits per operation of 1,000 euros or a daily maximum of 2,000 euros in all operations. Perhaps, on a busy day, the sender or the receiver have reached those limits and the operation has not been effective.

Bizum sent to someone else by mistake

Sometimes simplicity can be the solution. Perhaps the payment you were expecting is not taking place because the issuer of that money has made a mistake, either by mistyping the mobile phone in question, or by choosing a contact that did not touch.

Payment by Bizum

Payment by Bizum

The problem with Bizum is that, like any bank transfer, the money cannot be claimed back because it was an error. In this regard, the solution offered by Bizum goes through «The easiest solution is for you to contact the person to whom you have mistakenly sent the money, so that they can return it to you. In any case, you can also contact your bank to be informed about in which cases you can request a refund of the operation.

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