“I don’t want to impose films that are the meaning of my age”

Meet interrogations, listen to criticism from your fans, check the number of your new roles, actress Anne Hathaway, 41, who decided to issue parole. In the romantic comedy “The Idea of ​​You”, available on Prime Video from May 2, 2024, the comedy stars Solène Marchand (Anne Hathaway), a 40-year-old divorcee living in an affair. with Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine), 24, singer of the world’s largest boy band August Moon. The choice of especially accurate carriers.

“I don’t want to be in the directory”

“The Idea of ​​You” is an adaptation of Robin Lee’s book of the same name, which is also fan fiction inspired by the boy band One Direction, Hayes Campbell, and inspired by Harry Styles. For Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway (she unmasked the Best Actress Oscar in her second role in 2013, for the son’s interpretation of Fantine in Les Misérables), the play in films called “The idea of ​​​You’n’est pas une honte, as a projection at the festival explains SXSW. Salon Vulcher and Anne Hathaway said: “I voulais faire ce movie parce qu’il s’agissait d’un a génial et d’une prémisse amusante, et pour une raison quelconque, nous parlons des histoires de pass à l’age age” Comme étant quelque chose qui vous, who came to the annual premieres of your life, and I am not saying that this is what is for you, but most of all I was left with the impression of the continuation in my life.”

Et d’ajouter: “I don’t want to see this catalog and I don’t want this place to be in my soul, or to see what types of films I make, because my age, my gender and part of what I do” I won an Oscar (…) Je veux m’amuser, bon sang!

“Nous sommes toujours en train de grandir”

L’actrice a également raconté à People pourquoi le personanage de Solène lui tenait à coeur: “Au début du Film, le personanage… A vraiment peur de parte à l’venture parce qu’elle a vécu une tres difficile avec son ex mari. tout âge. Nous sommes toujours en train de grandir, tout le temps”, at-elle estimé.

In this role, the comedienne becomes a celestial among detractors, but more Australian, with certain views, sexism in Hollywood encore, which shows that actresses do not know what young and beautiful women are. In 2023, in Porter magazine, Anne Hathaway stated about her remarks about sexists and women who faced the youngest woman: “I expect my career to be at the age of 35, and I say that “You chose a laquelle bon nombre de femmes doivent faire face.” But she is so happy that the choices are born: “When I first started my career, it is that more and more women on careers that last long, and I continue to be fantastic.”


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