“I followed France in the World Cup, I didn’t write to Messi… football exhausted me”


Carlos Tevez He doesn’t want to know anything about soccer… at least for now. After disassociating himself as coach of Central Rosarya club he led in 23 games, the Argentine explains that he does not miss anything related to this sport and reveals that he did not write to Messi after winning the World Cup.

Carlos Tévez confesses through tears why he retired from football

In a dialogue with Radio Miter, the ‘Apache’ tells that in the World Cup he followed the runner-up France and that at the moment, away from football, he enjoys every minute with his family.

Argentina won the World Cup

”I followed the World Cup in Qatar a little and saw France a lot, because it was a team that I liked and I didn’t write to Messi because his phone must have been exploited. It gives me great joy that my children shout his goals”.

mouth and football

“I don’t miss the Boca world, nor football because it exhausted me.”

Carlos Tévez has no intention of returning to the world of soccer after leaving Rosario Central.

His future after Rosario Central

”As soon as I left Rosario Central, they called me from Independiente, but I don’t have the need to go out and direct anything. Being a coach was a good experience, I love it. The part of the strategy was what I liked the most. Now I’m enjoying the moments. I am with the family in the ranch that I have. I like to enjoy the affection of the people”.

His principles

“I had the chance to stay at Central, but I didn’t stay because of a political issue.”

Why don’t you miss football anymore?

”I’m 38 years old. I didn’t have complicated injuries, I run in the morning, I do the gym, I play paddle tennis and golf. I’m healthy. If I wanted to go back, I could go back. But I don’t miss it.”

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