“I have changed”: Guillaume Genton admits to being in a relationship despite his flirty role in TPMP

Despite his reputation as a heartbreaker in TPMP, Guillaume Genton is very discreet about his private life. But, in an interview with Technikart magazine, the one who made the buzz by declaring how much he spent per month agreed to say a little more about his love life. Asked about his flirty side on the air, the presenter of the morning of Virgin Radio answers: “It’s the real me, but from my life before. Today, I changed, I settled down, I’m in a relationship, I have a girlfriend and it’s going very well, thank you. Afterwards, I will always make jokes on the air as I could do with my friends…“.

On the other hand, the columnist, who recently shocked the set, did not say more about the identity of the lucky winner. This is not surprising on his part. He who declared last February in the Buzz TV of Figaro: “I don’t like to talk about my private life, but I’m with someone“. We don’t know if he’s still with the same person or not.

An affair with a reality TV star

In TPMP, Guillaume Genton plays a lot on his seductive side. He flirted many times on the air Delphine Wespiser, yet in a relationship with Roger, and even fell in love with a new columnist. In the past, the columnist also had an affair with the former candidate of Secret Story 3 : Cindy Lopez.

It’s the smartest of the TPMP bunch. He is the smartest of all (…) He is a gentleman, very nice, and very handsome boy“, she had revealed during an interview with Jordan De Luxe, before specifying: “At the time, we were together, he did not hesitate with all his friends to say it! (…) We saw each other again on the set of Secret Story, in the parking lot of the show“.”That’s one hell of a hot bunny!“, she had concluded.

A hot bunny now tidy!

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