‘I have never loved as I love today’

The dream of Jorge Poza to unite his life in marriage with Ilse Ikeda it came true. As rarely, the actor took the time to talk about that personal moment, which both he and his partner enjoyed in the company of their loved ones, an unforgettable day that was possible after several months of looking for the right moment, as the actor confessed in a recent interview. Happy for this period of stability, both continue to outline their respective life projects, also having a firm answer when asked if having a child is among their plans. Sure of what they want, they continue to be excited, become the best accomplices and take on new challenges.



With all kindness, Jorge attended the press during his attendance at a public event, to which he was of course accompanied by his wife, a space in which he revealed details of how they were planning the intimate ceremony. “Within the possibilities, it was a celebration that we had wanted for a long time, a little before the pandemic fell, we were already talking about it and things were happening. Then the pandemic came and things changed for us…”, explained the interpreter in a talk granted to the television program Hoy, happy that everything is going excellent for him and his family at this time, in which he also remains focused on his multiple work commitments.

For Jorge and Ilse, celebrating their union was a very important step, so when they found the right moment they carried it out, with the essential support of their family. Thus, they praised the opportunity that life gave them to remain united, something of which they are fully proud, according to the interpreter. “We waited all of 2020, we hoped that 2021 would pass to see how things were going and then we were able to celebrate having met again in life, with the extremely close people that we have today in our present, that’s how it was…”, shared smiling.


At another point in the talk, Jorge confessed that he fully lives this stage in love, a feeling that has managed to mature over the years and in which he assumes in a different way the fact of having the unconditional support of a partner. “I have never loved as I love today at 44 years old. It is still love, but I think that love, like the human being, is maturing and the way of seeing life and seeing people and seeing your partner matures. So that makes love deeper and love in a different way, not to feel but to vibrate and love … ”, he explained to the press, reaffirming what he feels for Ilse. “We are lucky to be able to be together today, smiling, wanting to kiss, wanting to love each other…”.

Do you want to have children?

While they indulge in their new life as husband and wife, they also establish their priorities, so the idea of ​​having a child together is something they have ruled out, as Ilse revealed when taking the floor. “We already have the family and we already form it and for my part, individually, I do not want to be a mother. Fortunately, Jorge already has children, so we are complete like this … ”, assured the also actress. In passing, Jorge expressed that although he has several tattoos, he has not yet done one with the name of his wife, although he said that having some strokes on her skin is a significant aspect for both of them. “We have some tattoos in common and we have begun to mark that, the map of the route that life has given us today and represent it in some way…”, she said.


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